Beach Resorts in Morong, Bataan

So I was busy looking for a cheap and family oriented beach resort in Bataan and a friend of mine suggested to try to look somewhere in Morong, as they have a lot of resorts on the area plus the beach are quite nice too. And since I came up with a few... why not share… Continue reading Beach Resorts in Morong, Bataan


Davao to Surigao Del Sur : DAY 04

And so on our last day, we woke up at around 04:30am for breakfast and head on straight to the beach at 05:30AM. The sunrise is indeed a great sight when you're at the beach, especially if there's really no one on the area aside from you and your friend. hahaha! You wouldn't believe it… Continue reading Davao to Surigao Del Sur : DAY 04

Monfort Bat Cave, Samal Island

Montfort Bat Sanctuary now holds around 2.3 million Rousette fruit bats. What's more interesting is that the cave is not your usual cave, but these are actually underground caves and the bats cover 75% of the ceilings and walls of the cave. The ones occupying The Monfort Bat Sanctuary are nocturnal. These bats are quite rare because they are killed for… Continue reading Monfort Bat Cave, Samal Island

International Doll House, Surigao Del Sur

After Tinuy-An Falls, we arrived at the International Doll House at around 09:15am. We paid P20/each for the entrance fee. After the 250++ steps challenge (hahahaha!), we had to wait for at least 30 minutes, because the doll house isn't open yet and they are still cleaning/mopping the area. And so while waiting, we stayed… Continue reading International Doll House, Surigao Del Sur