Beach Resorts in Morong, Bataan

So I was busy looking for a cheap and family oriented beach resort in Bataan and a friend of mine suggested to try to look somewhere in Morong, as they have a lot of resorts on the area plus the beach are quite nice too.

And since I came up with a few… why not share it here too 🙂

Pamart Bali Beach Resort

  • Lot 3, Nagpajo Crossing, Brgy. Nagbalayong Morong Bataan  (1hr 30mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 3500 – 5000 (good up to 5 persons)
  • Contact Number: (047) 255 1928

Coral View

  • Poblacion Morong Bataan (1hr 25mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 3700 (2pax) – 19,000 (10pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0912-823-4779


The Waterfront Beach Resort


Juness Beach Resort

  • Nagbalayong, Morong Bataan (1hr 26mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 2200 (4pax) – 8000 (16pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 09332-855-5831


Benisa Beach Resort

  • Crossing Morong Bataan (1hr 26mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 3000 – 3500 (good for 4 persons)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0927-499-4878


Bonito Beach Resort

  • Poblacion Panibuhatan Morong Bataan (1hr 24mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 5000 (4pax) – 8500 (12pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0915-316-7635


Coastal Escape Resort

  • Lot 9, Block 1, Barangay Panibatuhan, Morong, Bataan (1hr 28mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 2500 (good for 5 persons)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0908-757-4088


Alpina Beach Resort

  • Gov. J.J. Linao National Rd, Morong, 2108 Bataan (1hr 25mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 4000 (4pax) – 15000 (14-20pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0917-511-4124



La Primera Playa Beach Resort

  • Brgy. Panibatuhan, Nagbalayong Morong Bataan (1hr 27mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 2500 (2pax) – 12000 (20pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0917-916-0468

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Davao to Surigao Del Sur : DAY 04


And so on our last day, we woke up at around 04:30am for breakfast and head on straight to the beach at 05:30AM.

The sunrise is indeed a great sight when you’re at the beach, especially if there’s really no one on the area aside from you and your friend. hahaha! You wouldn’t believe it when I say that from 05:30AM until we leave the beach at 9:20AM to fix our things for check-out, we were the only one at the beach that time.

We definitely owned the place for 4 hours! Goodness gracious! Haha!

So we swam and just lay there on the sand and probably ended up toasting our skin! LOL! But who couldn’t resist that moment right? 🙂



We left Fernandez Beach Resort at around 1100AM and headed back straight to SM Davao for a quick stop for lunch. From there, we took a jeep going to “Turil” for the EDEN Nature Park. I definitely recommend EDEN for those who love rides and adventure!

We stayed at EDEN for a couple of hours. The entrance fee is P220/each which includes snacks already (pasta+bread+drinks). Unfortunately, the meal is really included and you couldn’t ask them to lower the rate and remove the food. Hehehe ;p

From Turil, you would have to ride a tricycle to bring you to EDEN. Beware! Because upon arriving at Turil, there are a lot of tricycle drivers who approached us and offered to bring us to Eden. So we came across this one Kuya who told us that it’s P150 for both of us already. But hell no! When we arrived at EDEN, he insisted that its P150/person. This is the 3rd time we experienced a dishonest person in Davao in just 4 days, tsk tsk. That’s why I was really mad and disappointed at the same time, because it isn’t what I expected from them. But enough of that, just thinking about it makes me cringe again T_T

My friend tried a couple of rides because she’s brave (and I am NOT) hahaha. We stayed at EDEN until 02:18PM and head back to SM Davao to buy pasalubong, because we don’t know where else to buy and there’s not much time for us left before we head back to the airport 🙂

We left SM Davao at 0600PM and grabbed a taxi to bring us to the airport.

All in all, our 4days/3nights escapade was definitely an experience full of fun and adventure! I was so happy that we took the risk at making a quick stop at Surigao del Sur, before fully enjoying Davao. The Tinuy-An Falls and Enchanted River are definitely a must-see! And don’t forget to relax and take a dip at Davao’s Samal Island that is just sooo serene! ♥


“Oh travelling, you make my heart kind and gentle”

Hagimit Falls, Samal Island

And so here comes the last adventure we had at Davao… a quick dip at the Hagimit Falls, Samal Island ♥


After leaving the Monfort Bat Cave at 02:30pm, we arrived at the Hagimit Falls at 03:20pm. There’s a P5 environmental fee and P40 entrance fee. There’s at least a 5 minutes walk going down to where the falls is. There’s also a lot of bodies of water within the area and small falls that you can enjoy and have your picture taken 🙂


Since we’re obviously a turista on the area, we were approached by one of their tour guide. He then took us around first and bring us to the smaller falls so he can take our pictures 🙂


And so here’s the Hagimit Falls ♥


When we arrived here, there’s really not much of people left. Most of them are packing already and about to leave the place. It’s just me and my friend and another group of  probably teenagers from a nearby province who were left to enjoy the place.

The water is really cold but very soothing too. Also, the depth of the water is just shallow so we really spend most of the time in the water and just enjoy the quietness and the serenity of the place.


We left Hagimit Falls at around 05:30pm because they are about to close. I believe the falls is only open until 6pm or at least before it gets dark.

So we rode back to our hotel to finally have some rest and have dinner. We were not able to enjoy the beach yet since it’s still low tide and we’re both tired too so we just decided to hit the bed early and just wake-up very early the following day, so at least we could enjoy the beach before we head back to the city and make a quick stop at the Eden Nature Park and then  check-in at the Davao Airport at 7pm.

So this pretty much sums up our 3rd day escapade ♥

Monfort Bat Cave, Samal Island

Montfort Bat Sanctuary now holds around 2.3 million Rousette fruit bats. What’s more interesting is that the cave is not your usual cave, but these are actually underground caves and the bats cover 75% of the ceilings and walls of the cave.

The ones occupying The Monfort Bat Sanctuary are nocturnal. These bats are quite rare because they are killed for food. We were advised by our tour guide that it is not safe to go down the underground cave to get a better look, because there are lots of snake and bayawak living in there. They just basically waiting for bats to die and just fall under the cave so they could eat them.

The best time to visit the Monfort Bat Cave is at late afternoon because of their daily Circadian flight. The Circadian flight occurs right after sunset, when millions of bats fly out of the cave to find food and they can even fly up to the other provinces outside Davao City and will just go back at around 3 o’clock in the morning. Bats are known to be good pollinators of seeds and that’s why they said that Davao is very abundant when it comes to Durian, because these bats are a big help in spreading the fruit seeds.

So we arrived at Monfort Bat Cave at around 02:30pm. We paid P100/each for the entrance fee (a bit too much though). And we were then lead by one of their tour guide.


There’s actually 5 cave entrance that you can see here. We can’t help but shuddered when we saw the first cave because there are really a massive bats that’s covering the entire wall of the cave. And since there’s a total of approximately 2 million bats on this area, the foul smell from them is a bit intoxicating already.

You can already here the squeaking noise of the bats once you entered the area.


1st cave: “The Entrance” 

This is basically the first cave that you will see once you entered the Monfort Bat Cave.


2nd cave: “the Mother-Nursing cave”

They call this as the Mother-nursing bat cave as there are a lot of female bats holding or embracing their child inside their wings ♥


3rd cave: “the training ground cave”

They call this the training ground as they said that this is where the young bats learn how to spread their wings and fly 🙂


4th cave: “the male dominant cave”

This is called as the male dominant cave as majority of the bats found here are male.


5th cave: “the Old Bats cave”

This one is the old bat caves because they said that this is the place where the old bats stays until they die. This cave sounds more peaceful, and you can also notice that the sound of the bats coming from here are lesser, compared to the other cave.



The White Lady

There’s also one more interesting fact about the Monfort Bat Cave. From over 2 million bats they have on these caves, there’s one that is very particular to the people working here – they call her the “white lady“.

The white lady is allegedly said to be the spiritual guardian of the bat cave and can only be seen by a few people.

In 2010, a Manila based photographer was able to capture a shot of the rare albino bat – later named as “Blance Bella“, which means the beautiful white.

She was also photographed pregnant last 2011, then seen carrying a regularly colored little bat, which disappeared after 5 weeks, probably after the pup learn how to fly on its own 🙂


On this photo, her head is still black, but earlier this year, she was seen as an all white bat already ♥



We stayed here until 03:50pm and then went straight to our next stop…the Hagimit Falls ♥

Davao to Surigao Del Sur : DAY 03

And so our Surigao Del Sur visit is over, we woke up at 02:30am on our 3rd day so that we could catch the earliest bus going back to Davao City.

We took a different route this time, which is the one advised to us by Marky’s Hostel. We left Hinatuan Terminal at around 0400AM. We took a bus going to San Franz Terminal, then from San Franz Terminal >> we took another bus bound to Davao City.

We entered Davao City at around 1030AM, then reached the Ecoland Terminal at around 1130AM. We had our lunch first prior to proceeding to Sasa Wharf port, where we had to ride a RORO to bring us to Samal Island port.


From Samal Island port, there’s already a line of tricycles that you can take to bring you to your chosen resort.


We don’t have a reservation and we only have one hotel in mind… the Punta Del Sol, but we didn’t push through as the room is a bit shabby for P1500 for 1 night. It was just a small box with a bed and its own CR. Also, their beach area isn’t that nice too.

So we asked Kuya driver what else he can recommend for us, he then suggested the Fernandez Beach Resort and so we asked him to bring us there. For the same price of P1500/night for two, the place is definitely way way better than Punta del sol. Even the cabanas are really well kept, very spacious, and beautiful.


Fernandez Beach Resort



Here’s our room 🙂

The sand of their beach is definitely finer and better than the one at Punta del Sol. We’re really glad that we took an alternative, because imagine that they’re offering the same price, but we got a much better accommodation experience with Fernandez 🙂


It was low-tide when we checked-in at the resort around 0130PM, and so we tried to haggle with Kuya driver if he can bring us to the Bat Cave and Higimit Falls for a very cheap price, and so he agreed with P1000 for both of us already (which includes the pick-up from the port.

And so we basically just put our bags inside the room and changed our outfit (haha!) then we headed to our next spots at Samal Island


Bat Cave



Hagimit Falls


We arrived back at the resort at around 6pm. We had dinner at the resort restaurant and I might say that it’s really a must-try! The food are very affordable and all the food that we ordered were really delicious, that’s why we were not able to wear our 2piece swimsuit the following day! Hahaha!

Please see my separate post for Bat Cave and Hagimit Falls, for more details and pictures!


Enchanted River, Surigao Del Sur

Acoording to Wikipedia:

The river’s unusual colors and unexplored depths has inspired various local legends. One story tell of fairies that added the colors of sapphire and jade to the river to make its unique shade. Local fisherfolk also report seeing fish in the river that cannot be caught through any means. According to locals, the river was called the Enchanted River because of the engkantos that dwell there. Their legends also say that the river is haunted by supernatural beings which act as its protectors


I never thought I would see this place for real as it’s too far from Manila and I never thought that I would actually step into Surigao del Sur, as the idea of it being in Mindanao is enough to scare me (sorry, but really).

So when we decided to include Surigao Del Sur on our Davao trip, we really did a lot of research as to make sure that we know what we’re doing. Hahaha.

So after leaving the International Doll House at 11:25am, we arrived at Hinatuan Enchanted River at around 12:30pm. We paid P30/each for the entrance fee. We didn’t rent any cottages as it’s just the two of us and we really don’t have anything with us aside from our small bags for our wallet and phone. So we just put our belongings on the side, where we can still see it.

We were not able to witness the fish-feeding that day as they always do it at 12:00pm sharp. It was really sad as we’ve been looking forward to it after reading a lot of blogs that says it’s really an incredible thing to watch as a lot of fish will come out on the surface of the water, then disappear again at the bottom after the feeding.

The underground cave is about 82 meters depth, but since it’s still unexplored beyond that, they still cannot identify the exact depth of the underground cave. Crazy isn’t it? And so for someone like us who doesn’t know how to swim, this one is really a nerve-racking! hahaha!

And so here’s the fun part!


When we arrived at past 12, the water is still at low-tide, but imagine what happened after the clock ticked at 3:30pm…


Taken at past 12 noon. They call this area as the kiddie pool as the water is really low during low-tide, probably about knee level.


Same spot taken at past 3pm, the water is almost on my chest already and i’m pretty tall. hahaha

The place is a bit crowded since it’s past noon already. There’s life vest that you can rent for a very cheap price, but we didn’t bother to get one and we basically just lounge on the side area of the river where there are platform of rocks that we can still step into, but be careful, just one wrong step will definitely kill you (if you don’t know how to swim) hahaha…


the blue part is the underground cave already… so make sure to watch your step if you’re not wearing a life vest and NOT a swimmer. Hahaha


…all SMILE but I AM literally shaking! Hahaha!



I sooo envy those who can swim! T_T

We stayed here until quarter to 4pm 🙂


I can say that the Enchanted River is really a beauty, but me and my friend both agreed that we still rate Tinuy-An Falls as the best part of our trip.

And so this ends our Surigao Del Sur side trip! We headed back to Davao City the following day for our Samal Island adventure!

International Doll House, Surigao Del Sur

After Tinuy-An Falls, we arrived at the International Doll House at around 09:15am. We paid P20/each for the entrance fee.

After the 250++ steps challenge (hahahaha!), we had to wait for at least 30 minutes, because the doll house isn’t open yet and they are still cleaning/mopping the area. And so while waiting, we stayed at the Ocean View Park restaurant just beside the doll house. The restaurant also have this small playground and a really good view of the city as they are situated at the top of the mountain.

Both the doll house and the restaurant are owned by Mrs. Ruelaine and Mr. Werner Willimann. We even saw Mr. Willimann there at the restaurant, but we didn’t bother to say hi as he was busy with his breakfast. His Filipina wife is the one who’s been collecting all the dolls and I’m just so happy that they gave people a chance to see it.


And so when the doll  house was opened, we were then led by the owner’s brother, though I forgot his real name as he keeps on joking that his name is “Arnold Schwarzenegger“. Haha. We also tried asking him about his sister’s job, as the dolls are really expensive ranging from P25,000 – P500,000 each. But he just keeps on answering that she’s just a slave. LOL. So obviously, we didn’t try to push it 🙂

And here are the photos that I took inside the doll house ♥



B A R B I E S ♥ ♥ ♥


The most expensive of her collections, if I remember it correctly, these set cost Php500,000




This doll was named Anne Frank, as the hair and eyelashes came from her.

This dolls were not purchased on a regular store but through auctions- complete with all the documents. All dolls came with a name, that they also display. It’s really interesting as most of the dolls here have its own story to tell, so I really recommend for you to check on this one when you visit Bislig City, Surigao ♥

After visiting the doll house, we decided to take our lunch at their Ocean View Side restaurant. The food here are really affordable and they serve it to you generously, although I didn’t like the food that I ordered as it seems like I am tasting an alcohol mixed on it. Probably their own version, as the owner came from Switzerland 🙂


And so we left the doll  house at around 11:25am and head to our last stop… the Enchanted River!

Thank you Bislig City! ♥