Food Blog: Early Bird Breakfast Club (Century City Mall, Makati)

Eating is a hobby that should be enjoy with friends ♥

I think all of you knew that eating is one of my hobby, despite the fact that I always promise to go on a diet on the next day. Hahaha! What can I do… it’s just so tempting working in Makati where sooo many good restaurants are located.

 This “team (building) foodtrip edition” supposed to be held in Tagaytay originally, but since our schedules did not feel like cooperating (haha!) we just decided to have a team breakfast early in the morning of February 21st, 2015.

 It was my off that day so I came all the way from Novaliches just to dine-in with these beauties (and gentleman – Margo and Dude :p) and guess what my mom looks like when I woke up too early on a Saturday morning when it’s supposed to be my off and should stay in bed until at least noon, just to tell her that I have to go to Makati to meet my officemates – for some “good breakfast”. I know right?!? :p


Thumbs-up for their Newspaper-style menu ♥

So I won’t make this too long… enjoy and be hungry!
Nutella Hot Chocolate - P145

Nutella Hot Chocolate – P145

Early Bird Signature Pancakes P325

Early Bird Signature Pancake – P325

Choco Banana Berry French Toast P295

Choco Banana French Toast – P295

Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup P325

Ultimate Grilled Cheese w/ Roasted Tomato Soup – P325

Adobo Sunrise P325

Adobo Sunrise – P325

early bird toast 115

Early Bird Toast – P115

glazed tocino

Glaced Tocino

We’re sooo full! This place is definitely a must try!



Visit them at: Ground Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City

Taste it yourself and visit the place SOON!

Can’t wait for our next foodtrip this coming Saturday. Will be posting it by next week! Yay!



getting wild @ WILDFLOUR Cafe + Bakery, Salcedo Village

We’ve been exploring Salcedo Village in awhile since it has lots of lots of good restaurants, plus the fact that it’s so near our work place. It’s very easy for us to just walk there after our long and tiring shift at work.

We spotted Wildflour Cafe + Bakery when we went and visited another coffee shop on the area (Commune Coffee Shop), which is really good and cozy, but quite expensive. When we saw this place, well… obviously it’s really beautiful and inviting, so we’ve decided that it will be our next agenda on our next payday. Hehehe. Since the place looks pretty-pretty and expensive, we all decided to wear something nice too, just for FUN and also to look presentable to match the ambiance 🙂

So here’s our little adventure @ WILDFLOUR. Enjoy and be HUNGRY! ;p





the super happy ME :)

the super happy ME 🙂


IMG_0148 IMG_0147

Me and my food buddies :)

Me and my food buddies 🙂


sorry… but I will not really recommend this. tastes bitter 😦


*hands-up* to these! more calories more fun!


5 stars for this! our favorite! ♥


their carrot cake that tastes like heaven! 🙂

IMG_0149 10603702_10202412154774231_610933073298096379_n IMG_0161 IMG_0150 IMG_0170 IMG_0157 IMG_0172 IMG_0156IMG_0126

Location:  V Corporate Center, 125 L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

GINO’s Brick Oven Pizza (Salcedo Village)

Oh wow! I haven’t been here in awhile. I’ve been really busy for so many reasons these past few days. So anyway, I just tried Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza today with four other people, who are actually my usual food buddies. This place is owned by a Filipino Food Entrepreneur, and “GINO” is actually their son.

Since our office is pretty close in Salcedo Village where most of the delicious restaurants are located, we always find reason to celebrate and drag our craving tongue’s here. So today, we went straight there from work despite the rain from the typhoon Glenda’s Super Power! Hahaha.

So here is our little adventure at this very cozy Neapolitan-style Pizzeria in Makati.


Che, Kim, Kisses and Me :)

Che, Kim, Kisses and Me 🙂the "Menu"the “Menu”-- cozzzyyy ... --— cozzzyyy … —Their Bestseller "SMEGG Pizza" *heaven!!!*Their Bestseller “SMEGG Pizza” *heaven!!!*"Bacon Sausage Pasta"“Bacon Sausage Pasta”"Salted Egg Pasta"“Salted Egg Pasta”**burrrppp!!!****burrrppp!!!**

A definitely must try!

A good place to get stuffed and have a good laugh with your friends/family 🙂

Location: G/F Finman Ctr , 117 Tordesillas St cor BautistaSalcedo Village, Makati(0917) 964-5339


Gluttony 2.0 – A Day in Binondo

This is a trip that we really did plan — like a month of researching and schedule adjustments? Hahaha… this is what usually happen if you are surrounded with friends who knows how to appreciate food as much as you do.

A one day trip in Binondo, Manila is definitely a must try! No matter what streets you turned or sides you walked, there’s a door waiting to be open that can lead you to a room that serves delicious and affordable food.

How to go there: (all I know) is to take the LRT 1 and drop off at Carriedo station. From there, you can just ride a tricycle to take you to Binondo. You can just ask the tricycle to drop you off at Wai Ying Fastfood (our 1st stop), then you can just walk from there to go to the other restaurants. And since this escapade needs a lot of walking (under the sun), make sure to wear light and comfortable clothes and slippers, and might as well bring an umbrella too.

And without further ado, here it is! Enjoy and get hungrrry!



Welcome to Chinatown! – starring Kendeng ;p *happy much!*


with the HHD (Hotel Help Desk Specialist) girls ♥

1st stop: Wai Ying Fastfood (dimsum, milk tea, and rice toppings)

This is our first stop, since this is seems to be the closest or first resto from the LRT Carriedo station.





Hakaw Dimsum – Php 75.00


Curry Beef Brisket Rice – Php 130.00


Black Gulaman – Php 55.00


Roasted Duck Rice – Php 180.00

1452497_10201015853827580_661586468_n (1)

Steamed Chicken Feet & Spare Ribs – Php 140.00




Milk Tea Cold – Php 55.00





after a FEW MINUTES :p


voylaaa! *burrrppp!*

2nd stop:  Shanghai Fried Siopao

Kuya said, they fried the siopao that’s why it’s called Fried Siopao. Hahaha. Makes sense right? :p



we were still quiet confused though about the fried siopao, hahaha ;p

3rd stop: Eng Bee Tin (for the pasalubong: hopia and tikoy)

Since we’re still full, we decided to buy some pasalubong first, before we go to ‘Chuan Kee’ – for our much anticipated Halo-Halo!


Eng Bee Tin – starring Ms. Aura Auralar. hahaha



4th stop: Lord Stow’s Bakery (egg tart)

We just actually passed by this bakery on the road which is not really part of our original itinerary, but since we’ve learned from our research that their Egg Tart is actually delicious, we then decided to just give it a try.




Egg Tart – tastes like heaven!





This is absolutely a must try! Although the egg tart ONLY tastes good when it’s still hot.

5th stop: Dong Bei Dumpling

This part is really funny, imagine how big our group is and we just ordered one plate of dumplings?!? Hahaha. The looks on the servers faces are really precious! LOL. Good thing that theirs really not much of customers inside, ’cause they might probably just ask us to eat the dumplings outside, since theirs not much room inside anymore. Hahaha



UNcook Dumplings 🙂





ONE plate for ONE hundred pesos … for ALL OF US!!! hahaha. Please forgive our still full stomach that time, we just really like to try and taste it.



And this is the ‘ALL OF US’. Hahaha

6th stop: Chuan Kee (Halo-Halo)

Finally! Yes, the place is just actually at the top of Eng Bee Tin, but since this is for dessert, then we have to put it on our last list. It’s halo-halo time beybiii!


It’s just actually residing at the top of Eng Bee Tin (our 3rd stop), but we stopped ourselves to go there after EBT, since we’re still full and needed more walk to give those halo-halo some space inside our stomach. LOL


Chuan Kee Ground Floor Version


Chuan Kee Upper Floor Version (Caffe Mezzanine) – Prices of the food here is a little higher than the one at the ground floor, but of course, the ambiance is a little nicer too. Hehehe











Chuan Kee Specialty … Halo-Halo (serving is good for 2)


This one day escapade was definitely FUN and full of LAUGHTER.  Thank you to all my girls who made this day brighter and ‘fuller’ for me! HAHAHA.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
― Virginia WoolfA Room of One’s Own


Gluttony 2.0 “Love Desserts”

I love to eat desserts as much as I love travelling and reading books. And you don’t know how much crazy I was when I found out about this cute, pink-iiish, sweet little resto that serves (and ONLY serves) desserts!!! WOW! So much for someone like me who has sweet tooth ;p Sooo there, I visited this sweet haven in Banaue, together with 3 of my officemates who’s as happy and thrilled as I was.

Since this took place months ago, I cannot really remember how exactly to go there or what’s the easiest route for commuters *sorry!*. But here’s their address: 915 Banawe Street corner Del Monte, Quezon City, 1100, Metro Manila.

Your fee to this dessert paradise is only PHP 199.00!!! And you have 2 HOURS to eat everything you like (no left overs puh-leaseee). Their selection includes; brownies, cakes, crepes, cupcakes, halo-halo, milk tea, ice cream and a lot more. If you think that 2 hours is kinda short? NOPE. I myself surrendered after 1hour, and we just talked and bite a few on our 2nd hour. Can’t believe I will surrender to such sweets temptation (wasn’t even able to try the halo-halo ’cause we’re sooo full already!) LOL. I will surely recommend this for you to try it with your family and friends. Love Desserts is definitely a must try place! 🙂

Here’s some of our photos taken during our food trip.





Ice Cream Choices



for the Halo-Halo ♥


hmmm… we’re actually NOT A FAN of these. Too sweet. Better to just have water 😉



♥ MINE ♥


♥ MINE ♥ – crepe with chocolate syrup and UBE ice cream.


♥ MINE ♥ – but these are not sweets though. I think they have it on the side to give your sweet tooth some rest. LOL




My taste buddies:Ria, Che, ME and Kim ♥