An Encounter with JESUS

Church: Word of Hope, North Edsa QC Preacher: Ptr. Jhun Cunanan Time: 10:30AM - 12:00PM service Verse: Luke 5:1-11 As expected, I was blessed once again for attending the Sunday service earlier at the Word of Hope, North Edsa branch. Well let's be honest, there are really some days that you didn't feel much of an… Continue reading An Encounter with JESUS


The 4 Special Gifts of Love

So I went to church earlier today and I really like the message that our church Pastor shared with us today. It is actually more for 'husband and wife', but I think the young ones can also learn a lot from this message, that's why I decided to post it here since I haven't written… Continue reading The 4 Special Gifts of Love

7 Sinful Things That GOD Hates

Today is quite special, because today is my first Sunday Service after being hiatus for almost 3 months (???). Not to mention that it's also my first Sunday service at the Word Of Hope (Q.C). I went there alone and attended there 10:30am mass, lead by Ptr. David Sobrepena. It was a really nice sermon, although… Continue reading 7 Sinful Things That GOD Hates