Calligraphy (Then to Now)




Pinto Art Museum ♥


I’ve been dying to visit this place for ages but I just really don’t have time to do so. Until one of my food/travel buddy texted me at eight in the morning on a Saturday… asking me if I can join her to visit the place… just exactly what I’ve been waiting for the whole time. Hahaha! ♥

So we met at Cubao at around 3pm and we were so worried that we won’t have much time exploring the place as it is only open until 6PM, but good thing that our ride didn’t take much long…ooops wait! actually it did! hahaha. The FX ride from Cubao to Antipolo was longer than what we have expected, but still, we’ve got enough time (about over an hour) to explore the place .


So we paid the entrance fee, and since I’m currently taking up my MBA and I happened to have my ID that day, I was able to avail the 100pesos entrance fee for student! Yay!


If you’ve been to BenCab Museum in Baguio, the feel is quite the same but this place for me is much better, brighter, and bigger. You’ll understand once you’ve seen both places. Hehe.


The overall ambiance has a touch of “Santorini“, which makes the surrounding just looks so peaceful and inviting! There are lots of chairs and couches spread throughout the area where you can rest and just relax and enjoy the beauty of the place 🙂

One of the advantage of Pinto Art Museum is that the place is sooo big that you can enjoy each of the paintings without having to worry about blocking the view from other people. There were even times that we got to enjoy one viewing room for ourselves. And since the place is big enough and have lots of viewing rooms to offer, you have the option to avoid crowded rooms during peak time.

And so here are some of the arts you’ll came across when exploring PAM.

I really regretted that I didn’t wear dress or skirt when we went here because this place is really the best place to take lots of OOTDs **hahaha!**,

but since the invitation somewhat surprised me – I forgot about it and only realized my mistake when I was on my way already. Huhuhu **so sad**

With yours truly *char!* hahaha!

And if you’re going to ask me what’s my favorite room @ PAM, it would definitely be this green room that we almost miss! Good thing that our curiosity won and we entered the room that was mostly ignored by visitors.

Make sure to watch out for this as you might miss this “quiet green room” while exploring the area. Sorry that I forgot on what part of the area is this, but if you can’t find it, just ask the bantays that are roaming around on where is the quiet room with the bamboo organs. I’m pretty sure that they’ll be happy to accompany you to that room 🙂

 Although the idea is definitely amazing and one of a kind… the place really scared me at first as it is too dark for my taste. Hahaha.

Once you got in, I’m daring you to look up so you can understand what i felt!


After exploring all the rooms with exhibits, me and my friend just explored and enjoy the garden and the entire serenity of the place.

PAM is definitely a nice place to just chill out ♥


And here’s a super easy way on how to go to Pinto Art Museum:

  • Ride an FX going to Antipolo Terminal from Cubao (only way I know ). The FX terminal in Cubao is under the MRT Cubao North bound station, besides McDonalds. The fare is 50 pesos and the ride would take at least 45 minutes – 1 hour.
  • From Antipolo FX terminal, just ride a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to Pinto Art Museum, which is located inside a village. The fare is less than 50 pesos/person and the ride is just 10-15 minutes.


After spending our afternoon at PAM, we left the place at past 6pm and we decided to head straight to Cloud 9 Restaurant, which is just one of the many overlooking restaurants in Antipolo. The place is really nice and affordable, plus they have really generous servings too!

I suggest to come here before 5pm, as this place is really an awesome spot to watch the sunset… not to mention that it would be a bit hard to get a table besides the railings, where you can sit and have the best view of Antipolo – especially at night 🙂

That Saturday was definitely well spent and I wouldn’t mind coming back to that place… and I’ll make sure to wear the prettiest dress I have when I get back! Hahaha!


Calligraphy Workshop, by KaligrafiMNL


  • a decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering.
  • the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush.
I’ve been browsing online for months to look for the best – but cheapest way to learn calligraphy, since I’ve been into writing and drawing ever since I was a kid.
After browsing different IG’s and Fb’s for months, I learned that a calligraphy workshop would cost me around Php2,000 – 5,000 for just a few hours of session. And the longest time I saw for that rate is at 3 hours maximum already. It’s too much for someone like me, since I’m also currently taking up MBA and love to be on the road every once in awhile. I don’t think it’s worth the money to spend that much for just 2-3 hours. I am not even sure how far I can learn from a 2-3 hours session.
So when I came across the IG account of kaligrafimnl, I was so overjoyed! Imagine! for just Php 1,500 – you can already have a 5 Hours calligraphy session + snacks (milk tea and yummy bread) + your own calligraphy starter kit (1 ink, nib cleaner, 2 nibs & 1 penholder, take home drills, and basic guide to calligraphy). I still can’t believe my luck in bumping into this account.
So finally! I had my calligraphy workshop last Saturday (Dec12) @ QTea Padre Faura, Manila. Our time was supposed to be 1pm-6pm, but we had to start a few minutes late because some of the attendees got lost along the way (felt really bad for them). Good thing I’m quite familiar with the place already, since I had one of my OJT at one of the travel agency along Padre Faura, during college days.
So anyway, here’s a glimpse of our Calligraphy Workshop experience with none other than Ana Marie Orcullo 🙂

(L-R) Ana, Me, Rachell, Teacher Karen, Cole and Pam (picture taken from @kaligrafimnl

Sorry for the mess… please bear with me *wink-wink*


And on our last part, we also tried using watercolor instead of Ink. Awesome!


So if you love to learn calligraphy just like me, it’s probably time to do something about it 🙂

You can contact Ana from these:

Instagram direct to @kaligrafimnl
Viber 09155068456
Send it via e-mail: