Bittersweet: the last fruit of the family

Here’s his post earlier in Facebook


I didn’t expect it from him so I am sharing his post in Facebook earlier. My youngest brother will be graduating this Saturday (April 30th) and we’re just so excited and overwhelm not only because we will have a new engineer in the family, but also because he’s the youngest of the three of us. And now, our father who’s been working as an OFW for the last 16 years can finally retire.

Growing up without having a father at home is just plain difficult. Although our mother has been a great mother&father figure at home, it’s just sad because our father wasn’t able to join us in a lot of special moments in our life; like birthdays, school recognitions, Christmas & New Year, and even graduation.

Life has been really hard growing up, but thanks to God that He gave us such an amazing parents that really did a good job in raising the three of us.

In two days time, our youngest brother will not just be “bunso” anymore…

but Engr. Jul Jon General. 

Kudos to you brother!

P.S. For the first time, our father will be able to attend a graduation. He arrived last month and was given a 45days leave by his company. On May 6th, we will accompany him again to NAIA Terminal II for the last time… because that will be the last time that he had to leave us for work. When he comes home next year December, it will be for good. 

Bittersweet ♥


9 thoughts on “Bittersweet: the last fruit of the family”

    1. Hindi. pero magaling sya magsulat. He’s only 21. Palibhasa yung mga libro nyan sa bahay puro classic, samantalang yung sakin puro Chic Flix. Hahaha 🙂

      1. actually he’s here. dumating sya last month. first time nyang umattend ng graduation kaya excited kaming lahat. hahaha

      2. babalik pa. last na. next year December and exit nya 🙂

        nag-update na ko ng post. hahaha. nakalimutan ko yang part na yan ilagay. LOL

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