Hagimit Falls, Samal Island

And so here comes the last adventure we had at Davao… a quick dip at the Hagimit Falls, Samal Island ♥


After leaving the Monfort Bat Cave at 02:30pm, we arrived at the Hagimit Falls at 03:20pm. There’s a P5 environmental fee and P40 entrance fee. There’s at least a 5 minutes walk going down to where the falls is. There’s also a lot of bodies of water within the area and small falls that you can enjoy and have your picture taken 🙂


Since we’re obviously a turista on the area, we were approached by one of their tour guide. He then took us around first and bring us to the smaller falls so he can take our pictures 🙂


And so here’s the Hagimit Falls ♥


When we arrived here, there’s really not much of people left. Most of them are packing already and about to leave the place. It’s just me and my friend and another group of  probably teenagers from a nearby province who were left to enjoy the place.

The water is really cold but very soothing too. Also, the depth of the water is just shallow so we really spend most of the time in the water and just enjoy the quietness and the serenity of the place.


We left Hagimit Falls at around 05:30pm because they are about to close. I believe the falls is only open until 6pm or at least before it gets dark.

So we rode back to our hotel to finally have some rest and have dinner. We were not able to enjoy the beach yet since it’s still low tide and we’re both tired too so we just decided to hit the bed early and just wake-up very early the following day, so at least we could enjoy the beach before we head back to the city and make a quick stop at the Eden Nature Park and then  check-in at the Davao Airport at 7pm.

So this pretty much sums up our 3rd day escapade ♥


let me see what you think... ^_6

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