Davao to Surigao Del Sur : DAY 04


And so on our last day, we woke up at around 04:30am for breakfast and head on straight to the beach at 05:30AM.

The sunrise is indeed a great sight when you’re at the beach, especially if there’s really no one on the area aside from you and your friend. hahaha! You wouldn’t believe it when I say that from 05:30AM until we leave the beach at 9:20AM to fix our things for check-out, we were the only one at the beach that time.

We definitely owned the place for 4 hours! Goodness gracious! Haha!

So we swam and just lay there on the sand and probably ended up toasting our skin! LOL! But who couldn’t resist that moment right? πŸ™‚



We left Fernandez Beach Resort at around 1100AM and headed back straight to SM Davao for a quick stop for lunch. From there, we took a jeep going to “Turil” for the EDEN Nature Park. I definitely recommend EDEN for those who love rides and adventure!

We stayed at EDEN for a couple of hours. The entrance fee is P220/each which includes snacks already (pasta+bread+drinks). Unfortunately, the meal is really included and you couldn’t ask them to lower the rate and removeΒ the food. Hehehe ;p

From Turil, you would have to ride a tricycle to bring you to EDEN. Beware! Because upon arriving at Turil, there are a lot of tricycle drivers who approached us and offered to bring us to Eden. So we came across this one Kuya who told us that it’s P150 for both of us already. But hell no! When we arrived at EDEN, he insisted that its P150/person. This is the 3rd time we experienced a dishonest person in Davao in just 4 days, tsk tsk. That’s why I was really mad and disappointed at the same time, because it isn’t what I expected from them. But enough of that, just thinking about it makes me cringe again T_T

My friend tried a couple of rides because she’s brave (and I am NOT) hahaha. We stayed at EDEN until 02:18PM and head back to SM Davao to buy pasalubong, because we don’t know where else to buy and there’s not much time for us left before we head back to the airport πŸ™‚

We left SM Davao at 0600PM and grabbed a taxi to bring us to the airport.

All in all, ourΒ 4days/3nights escapade was definitely an experience full of fun and adventure! I was so happy that we took the risk at making a quick stop at Surigao del Sur, before fully enjoying Davao. The Tinuy-An Falls and Enchanted River are definitely a must-see! And don’t forget to relax and take a dip at Davao’s Samal Island that is just sooo serene! β™₯


“Oh travelling, you make my heart kind and gentle”


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