Monfort Bat Cave, Samal Island

Montfort Bat Sanctuary now holds around 2.3 million Rousette fruit bats. What’s more interesting is that the cave is not your usual cave, but these are actually underground caves and the bats cover 75% of the ceilings and walls of the cave.

The ones occupying The Monfort Bat Sanctuary are nocturnal. These bats are quite rare because they are killed for food. We were advised by our tour guide that it is not safe to go down the underground cave to get a better look, because there are lots of snake and bayawak living in there. They just basically waiting for bats to die and just fall under the cave so they could eat them.

The best time to visit the Monfort Bat Cave is at late afternoon because of their daily Circadian flight. The Circadian flight occurs right after sunset, when millions of bats fly out of the cave to find food and they can even fly up to the other provinces outside Davao City and will just go back at around 3 o’clock in the morning. Bats are known to be good pollinators of seeds and that’s why they said that Davao is very abundant when it comes to Durian, because these bats are a big help in spreading the fruit seeds.

So we arrived at Monfort Bat Cave at around 02:30pm. We paid P100/each for the entrance fee (a bit too much though). And we were then lead by one of their tour guide.


There’s actually 5 cave entrance that you can see here. We can’t help but shuddered when we saw the first cave because there are really a massive bats that’s covering the entire wall of the cave. And since there’s a total of approximately 2 million bats on this area, the foul smell from them is a bit intoxicating already.

You can already here the squeaking noise of the bats once you entered the area.


1st cave: “The Entrance” 

This is basically the first cave that you will see once you entered the Monfort Bat Cave.


2nd cave: “the Mother-Nursing cave”

They call this as the Mother-nursing bat cave as there are a lot of female bats holding or embracing their child inside their wings ♥


3rd cave: “the training ground cave”

They call this the training ground as they said that this is where the young bats learn how to spread their wings and fly 🙂


4th cave: “the male dominant cave”

This is called as the male dominant cave as majority of the bats found here are male.


5th cave: “the Old Bats cave”

This one is the old bat caves because they said that this is the place where the old bats stays until they die. This cave sounds more peaceful, and you can also notice that the sound of the bats coming from here are lesser, compared to the other cave.



The White Lady

There’s also one more interesting fact about the Monfort Bat Cave. From over 2 million bats they have on these caves, there’s one that is very particular to the people working here – they call her the “white lady“.

The white lady is allegedly said to be the spiritual guardian of the bat cave and can only be seen by a few people.

In 2010, a Manila based photographer was able to capture a shot of the rare albino bat – later named as “Blance Bella“, which means the beautiful white.

She was also photographed pregnant last 2011, then seen carrying a regularly colored little bat, which disappeared after 5 weeks, probably after the pup learn how to fly on its own 🙂

On this photo, her head is still black, but earlier this year, she was seen as an all white bat already ♥



We stayed here until 03:50pm and then went straight to our next stop…the Hagimit Falls ♥


let me see what you think... ^_6

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