Davao to Surigao Del Sur : DAY 03

And so our Surigao Del Sur visit is over, we woke up at 02:30am on our 3rd day so that we could catch the earliest bus going back to Davao City.

We took a different route this time, which is the one advised to us by Marky’s Hostel. We left Hinatuan Terminal at around 0400AM. We took a bus going to San Franz Terminal, then from San Franz Terminal >> we took another bus bound to Davao City.

We entered Davao City at around 1030AM, then reached the Ecoland Terminal at around 1130AM. We had our lunch first prior to proceeding to Sasa Wharf port, where we had to ride a RORO to bring us to Samal Island port.


From Samal Island port, there’s already a line of tricycles that you can take to bring you to your chosen resort.


We don’t have a reservation and we only have one hotel in mind… the Punta Del Sol, but we didn’t push through as the room is a bit shabby for P1500 for 1 night. It was just a small box with a bed and its own CR. Also, their beach area isn’t that nice too.

So we asked Kuya driver what else he can recommend for us, he then suggested the Fernandez Beach Resort and so we asked him to bring us there. For the same price of P1500/night for two, the place is definitely way way better than Punta del sol. Even the cabanas are really well kept, very spacious, and beautiful.


Fernandez Beach Resort


Here’s our room 🙂

The sand of their beach is definitely finer and better than the one at Punta del Sol. We’re really glad that we took an alternative, because imagine that they’re offering the same price, but we got a much better accommodation experience with Fernandez 🙂


It was low-tide when we checked-in at the resort around 0130PM, and so we tried to haggle with Kuya driver if he can bring us to the Bat Cave and Higimit Falls for a very cheap price, and so he agreed with P1000 for both of us already (which includes the pick-up from the port.

And so we basically just put our bags inside the room and changed our outfit (haha!) then we headed to our next spots at Samal Island


Bat Cave



Hagimit Falls


We arrived back at the resort at around 6pm. We had dinner at the resort restaurant and I might say that it’s really a must-try! The food are very affordable and all the food that we ordered were really delicious, that’s why we were not able to wear our 2piece swimsuit the following day! Hahaha!

Please see my separate post for Bat Cave and Hagimit Falls, for more details and pictures!



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