International Doll House, Surigao Del Sur

After Tinuy-An Falls, we arrived at the International Doll House at around 09:15am. We paid P20/each for the entrance fee.

After the 250++ steps challenge (hahahaha!), we had to wait for at least 30 minutes, because the doll house isn’t open yet and they are still cleaning/mopping the area. And so while waiting, we stayed at the Ocean View Park restaurant just beside the doll house. The restaurant also have this small playground and a really good view of the city as they are situated at the top of the mountain.

Both the doll house and the restaurant are owned by Mrs. Ruelaine and Mr. Werner Willimann. We even saw Mr. Willimann there at the restaurant, but we didn’t bother to say hi as he was busy with his breakfast. His Filipina wife is the one who’s been collecting all the dolls and I’m just so happy that they gave people a chance to see it.


And so when the doll  house was opened, we were then led by the owner’s brother, though I forgot his real name as he keeps on joking that his name is “Arnold Schwarzenegger“. Haha. We also tried asking him about his sister’s job, as the dolls are really expensive ranging from P25,000 – P500,000 each. But he just keeps on answering that she’s just a slave. LOL. So obviously, we didn’t try to push it 🙂

And here are the photos that I took inside the doll house ♥


B A R B I E S ♥ ♥ ♥
The most expensive of her collections, if I remember it correctly, these set cost Php500,000



This doll was named Anne Frank, as the hair and eyelashes came from her.

This dolls were not purchased on a regular store but through auctions- complete with all the documents. All dolls came with a name, that they also display. It’s really interesting as most of the dolls here have its own story to tell, so I really recommend for you to check on this one when you visit Bislig City, Surigao ♥

After visiting the doll house, we decided to take our lunch at their Ocean View Side restaurant. The food here are really affordable and they serve it to you generously, although I didn’t like the food that I ordered as it seems like I am tasting an alcohol mixed on it. Probably their own version, as the owner came from Switzerland 🙂


And so we left the doll  house at around 11:25am and head to our last stop… the Enchanted River!

Thank you Bislig City! ♥



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