Coron 4d/3n – 02DAY (Dec’15)

We woke up at around 5:30 am to prepare for our first island hopping and to have breakfast as well. Since there’s no place in our room to eat, we just brought our food down at the cafeteria, where we can get hot water for our coffee and noodles- for free. Since we were in a budget, we just bought cup noodles and biscuits for our breakfast, but definitely spends hundreds for dinner! Hahaha! That’s mostly how we work every time we are on an  escapade 🙂

And so our Island Hopping beginsss!!! Yehey! Just like what I mentioned on my first post for our Coron Escapade, we availed this tour package from our college friend who owns a travel agency. We got the Tour A&B for Php1,500/person.

So for our 2nd Day in Coron, here’s our destination:

  • TOUR A – Php750/person
  • Inclusions: Picnic lunch, boat and entrance fees, Tour Guide
  • Destinations: Kayangan Lake, Hidden Lagoon, Bulungan Beach, Calachuchi Coral Eden, CYC Is, Giant Clam Sanctuary.

So our Island Hopping started at around 8am, a tricyle picked-up us at the hotel going to the port (and vice versa), which is already included on the package. Also, please take note that the boat can accommodate up to 6-10 persons so don’t be surprise if another group will be joining you. Take it us an opportunity to meet new friends ♥


I don’t have picture for all of our stops since it could get really tiring sometimes, hahaha, so i’ll just post whatever I have ;p


CYC Garden


Calachuchi Coral Eden- Snorkeling


Bulungan Beach

We stayed on this part for about 2 hours for lunch and swimming. There’s no other group on the island so we basically owned the place! So peaceful and so relaxing! Haven! ♥


Hidden Lagoon

it is literally hidden and where the water is shallow, that’s why we were all so brave and went down, because we know that it’s impossible for us to drown here. Haha. And take note, you’ll be amaze how soft and white the sand is on this part 🙂


Kayangan Lake – our favorite!

This one is super breathtaking that we don’t even want to leave this place!



And so our first part of island hopping ended here!


And after we had our dinner, we met Jen and Grace, the sisters that joined us on our TourA tour. We had some coffee and talked about the places that we’ve been and places that we all want to visit in the future 😉


More travel to all of us! Cheers!

Next stop… our Tour B!


let me see what you think... ^_6

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