Coron 4d/3n – 01DAY (Dec’15)

Coron is probably one of the best island the Philippines can offer. It is one of the best spot in the province of Palawan, together with Puerto Prinsesa, El Nido, and Amanpulo. They said that if you’re an avid fan of island hopping and snorkeling…then Coron is the best haven for you!

We booked this trip with Cebu Pacific months ago. This is part of their piso fare and our roundtrip only costs us around Php1,300.00 each. Not bad right? Not to mention that this includes 15kilos check-in baggage already for both way.

And as expected for flights bound to Coron, we’re super delayed! Haha! And I am not talking for an hour delay here guys, we waited for 4 Hours just to board the plane! All passengers were grumpy already since the flight is technically ruining our holiday momentum! And since it’s past lunch already, good thing the management of Cebu Pacific distributed packed lunch for all of us (1pc. Chicken with Rice from Jollibee + bottled water). Well, they really should right?!


So instead of arriving in Coron at quarter to 12noon on November 30th, we arrived quarter to 4pm at our hotel, which is just enough time for us to drop our luggage and proceed to our first stop, the Mt. Tapyas Peak. We availed a tour package from one of our college friend, but it started on the 2nd day, so we have a free time on our first day so we just decided to maximize it by going to the Mt. Tapyas” and de-stress after at “Maquinit Hotspring“.

Where we stayed:

We booked our hotel accommodation with, and I’ve been a member of the site for years now and I can really attest for getting good deals with them.

So we stayed at Mt. Tapyas Hotel – Php 5,802 (4D/3N good for 3pax)


And here’s our room, it has 1 Queen Bed and 1 Single Bed + its own CR, TV, and Closet 🙂



Hotel review: Overall, we really enjoyed the stay at Mt.Tapyas, since we literally just used it for sleeping! Hahaha. LOL. But kidding aside, you’ll get what you paid for. The staff was accommodating. The rooms are okay, but a bit small. We even tried their breakfast on our last day and it was really good. Probably my favorite part of this hotel would definitely be their rooftop, since you can just go there and sit quietly and just enjoy the view of the ocean and the mountains nearby. I would definitely recommend this place for you ♥

First Stop: Mt. Tapyas Peak

And after putting all our bags in our room, we just rested a bit and went out for our first stop in Coron…. the Mt. Tapyas Peak!!! OMG! I will never be ready for heights and 720 Steps! Hahaha! But everything will be worth it once you reached the top as you will have a perfect view of the Coron Island. Better to go there around 4pm when the sun is ready to go down… what an amazing view indeed! ♥

So here are we on our way to the Mt. Tapyas Peak! (P.S. Don’t forget to bring lots of water! because you will definitely sweat a lot! as in a lot! Hahaha!)


2nd Stop: Maquinit Hotspring

So after our very tiring hike at Mt.Tapyas, we proceed to the next known destination… the “Maquinit Hotspring”. They said that the temperature of the water will definitely relax your sore muscles after that long hike at Mt. Tapyas.

Once you reached the bottom of Mt. Tapyas, there’s a lot of tricycle already that you can take to go to the Maquinit Hotspring. We rented one tricycle for Php300, which will take us to the hotspring and back to our hotel after. This is very convenient and definitely advisable, since the road going to the hotspring could get really dark and secluded at night that we even felt that we’re the only one on the road that time. Hahaha. Creepy but looks safe to me 🙂

So here’s our short trip to the Maquinit Hotspring, the entrance fee is Php200/person. The water is super hot that it would really take you time to adjust, so I suggest to let your feet feel the water first and ease to it one inch at a time 🙂

And after staying there for about an hour and a half, since it’s not really advisable to stay your body in the hot water as it could result to high blood pressure, which we definitely felt that time! Hahaha! So we decided to go back to our hotel to shower then get back on the road to look for some place to have dinner. Our hotel is very close to the town proper so it’s just convenient to just walk around. Just don’t forget to bring flashlight with you, because some part of the street is a bit dark, but still safe 🙂

We found this pretty cool and cozy restaurant near the Mt.Tapyas hotel, the food and price is okay, I just forgot to take not of its name though.


So this ends our first day in Coron!

I will be posting our 2nd day later, which is pretty much more exciting because of the island hopping!

See yha later! ♥


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