Bato-Bato Pik! (PUP Batch 2016)

Okay, so here’s what happened….

I went to PUP CEA last 16th of January to represent my younger brother on their “Parent/Guardian” meeting. The meeting agenda started on discussing about the upcoming tour of the graduating Engineering student this coming March 2016, which will be held in Baguio. This is in compliance with their Tour and Seminar subject.

I personally support the objective of the tour, which is to visit several companies in Baguio and at the same time attends several seminars as well. This is despite the fact that a lot of parents on the said meeting were questioning why does the student needs to go to Baguio, when there’s plenty of company here in Manila, which I know makes sense as well.

But the advantage of going to Baguio for me are….

  1. The companies that the students will be visiting are actually close to one another, which is not the case here in Manila.
  2. Since the companies are close to one another, it can accommodate all of the 180+ Engineering students in one visit. Which would require by-batch visit or alternate visit/group.
  3. The said tour would also complete not just their Tour requirement but also their Seminar requirement, which is actually asking for 10 Seminars for this year. As per the professor who conducted the said meeting, 4 of the companies in Baguio already confirmed in conducting free seminar for the students upon their visit. These 4 Seminars are just enough since the students already had 6 here in Manila.
  4. And lastly, since they are all graduating student already, I think it’s just fair to give this chance to them to pause, relax, and enjoy their last moment as a student.


And after talking about the tour/seminar, the meeting then talked about the upcoming graduation which made me ultimately disappointed of this school. Just so you know, I, myself is a product of PUP-Manila Batch 2010 and it’s something that I am really proud of. But what they said during the meeting is something that we (especially me) did not anticipate..

As per the professor, all of the students who will be graduating this year can only bring ONE PERSON inside the PICC. Seriously?!? What-The-Hell-Just-Happened?!?

This is definitely not something that we want to happen this year, since my father who’s an OFW would be coming home to attend my youngest brother’s graduation. And mind you, he wasn’t able to attend mine and my older brother’s graduation (not that we mind since we’re SMART enough to rebel about it. LoL!). So learning that there’s only one ticket available for each student, I would really bet that our Papa and Mama would have to play Bato-Bato-Pik for them to decide who’s coming in and witness the heartwarming event – and who’s staying outside and patiently wait for it to be over.. Lol!

I really hope that the decision of the PUP Administration would still change, since they still have plenty of time to decide and make-up their mind.

Because I really felt that it would really be degrading to all parents that they all have to choose which one of them will be joining their child inside, when this type of achievement should be witness and enjoy by both parents.


10 thoughts on “Bato-Bato Pik! (PUP Batch 2016)”

      1. ah okies…hala? san mo napulot ang DLSU? Mahirap lang kami. Tamang Php 350/sem lang ang kaya kong bayaran non hahahah

      2. Hahahaha! Hindi ko alam san ko yun nakuha? Binalikan ko nga agad profile mo kung san ko ba yun nabasa eh! Hahaha. Enebeyen. Sorry naman :p

      3. wahahahahah ayus lang…anyways naks…malamang hindi tayo magkabatch at hindi tayo nagpang-abot sa Hasmin pero nakakatuwang mameet ka dito haha

      4. “Hindi ko na maalala kung kaninong blog ko nakita yung comment mong marunong palang mag tagalog ang mga taga Ateneo hahaha. Tawang-tawa lang ako kaya ako’y bumisita. Apir tayo sa MCR. Masaya maging sabaw. Soup, it’s a state of mind. ;)”

        – ayan nahanap ko na! Nahagip kasi to ng mata ko kanina! Hahaha! Akala ko ikaw yung tinutukoy nyang taga “Ateneo” (sabi ko pa DSLU). Hahaha. Yun pala ikaw ang nag-comment nun. ;p


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