BORACAY is ♥♥♥♥

Yay! I just booked our flight going to Boracay this March and this time I am travelling with my mom and younger brother. And since it’s my 2nd time to visit the place, I just thought of posting my first ever Boracay escapade last November 2012 with my college friends. So here it is! 😀


I remember when I made a list of places that I wanted to visit here in the Philippines and I did not include Boracay, because I’ve been hearing a lot of comments from people saying that it’s not that beautiful anymore. They said that it’s too crowded and dirty already (and many more negative stuff), so I didn’t include it in my so-called list.

But things happened and obviously I ended up being there last 2012! And OMG!!! is this really the place that people were talking about that it’s not a beauty anymore?!? damn! if this is it — then I don’t know where I really was that time.


See? Boracay was — is — and still is! a BEAUTY. As soon as I saw the white sand and the blue ocean, my whole body immediately relaxed. This is definitely the closest to heaven that we can get. Fine white sands plus the perfect crystal blue water? what else can I ask for but make the time stop so I can stay there as looong as I waaant!

Honestly I’m currently running out of words to describe how breathtaking Boracay is and also how I enjoyed my stay there. So I think I’ll just share my escapade thru pictures that I have collected during our escapade =)

602360_3927540392751_1526405993_n401211_3927475191121_45472596_n406964_3927546672908_43911767_n 534509_3927515632132_1562361827_n 15097_3927515952140_989631310_n 31566_3927507751935_1372119528_n 58990_3927312027042_2079457974_n 68471_3927546272898_2104291177_n 74196_3927491911539_288350412_n 148100_3927848920464_1449647027_n 163331_4119156623037_2106061842_n 283230_3927513792086_1721681630_n 318943_3927854680608_658361659_n  405129_3927379948740_1329438051_n  427692_4119161223152_428172845_n  484526_3927846720409_902373050_n  538475_4119171423407_253680460_n 544989_4119171303404_2024610842_n 602360_3927540392751_1526405993_n 603921_3927835320124_819259087_n

And I can’t wait!!! See you again BORACAY next month! Yay!



let me see what you think... ^_6

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