2014 Belle De Jour Planner is ♥♥♥!!!

There is something about notebooks, planners and journals that I always make it a point to buy one eventhough I have lots already! Hahahaha. But this year, I only aimed for one planner — and that is the Belle De Jour Planner 2014!!! Sooo girly I know!

Yay! Isn’t it nice to always have a records of your whereabouts, meetings, family/friends birthdays and even your highlights of the day?!? Not to mention that the BDJ Planner comes with lots of discount coupons and wrapped in a very funky and girly way!

To check more information about their planner especially what’s inside, and their other featured planners, you can check their website at belledejourpowerplanner.com.

BDJ card
My Own Belle De Jour Card
Finaly! 😀



I’m still thinking on what to write in here ;p
More Coupons More Fun!



Definitely Girly-ish ♥



Special Post Every Month!
Whoa! Now this is definitely a must have!
My Belle De Jour 2014 Planner ♥
My Belle De Jour 2014
Planner ♥

2 thoughts on “2014 Belle De Jour Planner is ♥♥♥!!!”

  1. hello im new here in wordpress. I’m just observing blogs so I can learn to manage my blog. I don’t even know how to follow. I don’t have personal friends who use wordpress. your blog is great. Have a good day 😄

    1. Awww thanks!

      Well for the following ‘thing’, if you visit a blog there should be a ‘follow’ button on the top part of the page. I also don’t have friends who use wordpress. What I do is search a topic that you like; like books, movies, paintings, etc. Then wordpress will give you lists of blogs that focuses on those stuff that you can follow 😉

      Have a good day too! Welcome to wordpress!

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