book review: Nothing Left to Lose



Genre: Love and Romance

Main Characters: Annabelle (Anna) Spencer, Jack Taylor, Carter Thomas and Ashton Taylor

Author: Kirsty Moseley


The story started when Annabelle and Jack went to the club to celebrate Anna’s 16th birthday. There they saw Carter Thomas who immediately ​showed his interest with Anna. When Anna and Jack is about to leave the club and go straight to the hotel room that they booked for the night, they were held up by Carter and his friends. Carter is insisting to have a dance with Annabelle. She then agreed to have one dance with Carter as long as they will let them go after. Unfortunately, Carter wants more. On that same night – on that same club, Carter with his friends killed Jack by beating him and throwing him out on to the club’s fire exit. Annabelle was then held captive for almost a year by Carter. He made her his wife and beat her badly when she did something that doesn’t please him. She was saved accidentally when the cops raided their house due to drugs issues of Carter. ​

For years while Carter was on prison, he never failed to send ​love letters’ to Annabelle at least once a week, stating her intentions on getting her back once he went out of prison. But those letters never reached Annabelle, it was held secretly by her parents. After Annabelle was rescued, she became a totally different person from the daughter they used to know. She changed from a bubbly teenager to ​​a girl who shuts everyone out, including her parents. She was also kicked out of her school several times for being on a fight and damaging school properties. Until one day, her parents received a news that Carter’s trials will be open again, on the same time that her Father will be running for President. The parents hired Ashton Taylor as Annabelle’s near-guard, and who will also pretend as her boyfriend on her next school. Ashton instantly fell in love with Annabelle after their first meeting. But Annabelle tried her best to not feel the same way, since she’s still determined that Jack is the only guy she will ever love, and not to mention that she blames herself for Jack’s death.

When the time comes that things fall into place between Ashton and Annabelle, they received a news that Carter Thomas has been released to prison. Annabelle then made the hardest decision she ever had – have Ashton transferred far away from her so that Carter won’t find him.

What happened next is something i’d rather you read yourself ;p


All in all, I really found the story a good read. Lots of funny moments and ‘kilig‘ moments. Ashton’s love to Annabelle is also something that you have to experience by reading the book itself. It’s also funny when you reach the part when they realized that they both love each other, but they don’t know it yet because they are just too scared to blurt it out in fear that it will make the other person run away! Haha. Also, I find Annabelle’s effort of love cute too! She showed it by showering gifts to Ashton and his friends (not in an intimidating way), even though that means having Ashton be far away from her for a couple of nights, which will always into sleepless nights, because sleeping without Carter on her bed means only one thing … nightmares.

What I only don’t like about the book is the story was taken out too long. It would take you TOO MANY chapters fist, before it got you to the story where Carter appeared again on their lives and that they both have to fight back for their life.




let me see what you think... ^_6

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