Gluttony 2.0 “Love Desserts”

I love to eat desserts as much as I love travelling and reading books. And you don’t know how much crazy I was when I found out about this cute, pink-iiish, sweet little resto that serves (and ONLY serves) desserts!!! WOW! So much for someone like me who has sweet tooth ;p Sooo there, I visited this sweet haven in Banaue, together with 3 of my officemates who’s as happy and thrilled as I was.

Since this took place months ago, I cannot really remember how exactly to go there or what’s the easiest route for commuters *sorry!*. But here’s their address: 915 Banawe Street corner Del Monte, Quezon City, 1100, Metro Manila.

Your fee to this dessert paradise is only PHP 199.00!!! And you have 2 HOURS to eat everything you like (no left overs puh-leaseee). Their selection includes; brownies, cakes, crepes, cupcakes, halo-halo, milk tea, ice cream and a lot more. If you think that 2 hours is kinda short? NOPE. I myself surrendered after 1hour, and we just talked and bite a few on our 2nd hour. Can’t believe I will surrender to such sweets temptation (wasn’t even able to try the halo-halo ’cause we’re sooo full already!) LOL. I will surely recommend this for you to try it with your family and friends. Love Desserts is definitely a must try place! 🙂

Here’s some of our photos taken during our food trip.




Ice Cream Choices


for the Halo-Halo ♥
hmmm… we’re actually NOT A FAN of these. Too sweet. Better to just have water 😉


♥ MINE ♥
♥ MINE ♥ – crepe with chocolate syrup and UBE ice cream.
♥ MINE ♥ – but these are not sweets though. I think they have it on the side to give your sweet tooth some rest. LOL



My taste buddies:Ria, Che, ME and Kim ♥





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