COBY KYROS MID7032 review


On January 3 of this year, my Father bought this 7inches Coby Kyros tablet as a Christmas gift for me. Just so you know, my Father is an OFW who came home last 28Dec2012 to spend New Year with us after almost 14years of spending it alone in Saudi Arabia, and moved back to Saudi immediately after 2 months.

He bought this tablet for me after hearing me talking to my mom and telling her I want to get myself one because I can access more ebooks from there. He then asked me how much it is … and me having an idea that he’s thinking of getting one for me instead – I told him that the cheapest one I know is from Coby. He then asked me if its a good provider, I told him yes as per what I have heard (definitely a mistake!).

So on January 3… Him, me and my Mom went to MegaMall and got me one from Xsite Mobile store, located on the 4th floor. The tablet costs him Php 4,500, it might be a little money for you, but it’s NOT for me, since I know how he worked hard for every cents of it.

Everything was ok not until after 3 DAYS. I started getting frustrated because it turned out to be sooo slow, it hangs a lot and I can’t even turn it off that I have to wait for the battery to just run out and just charge it so I can start using it again. I can’t definitely use it and enjoy it well. Me, not wanting to upset my Father didn’t say anything about it. I sent an email to COBY and I received a reply from a Service Agent (based in the US) and informed me that the product is obviously defective and I was advised to take it back to the store and ask for a replacement. He told me that if the store will not agree to it, I was advised to have it deliver to them instead so they can replace it. Unfortunately, the address that he gave me is in US, I asked him if they have a Service Center here in the Philippines and I believe he replied and stated a NO.

Based on the receipt, I can ask for a replacement 7days from the date of purchase, unfortunately I was stuck from work and wasn’t able to go back to the store not after 8days (january11). I went there and spoke with one of their representative. Kuya told me that the reason it hangs alot because I did not close my applications after using it. He taught me how to then, and I went home. After 2 days, it started to hang again, even after cleaning everything in my cache and making sure all applications were close properly after being used.

So on January22 I went back to Xsite to complain about my issues: it got sooo slow after connecting to the internet, it hangs alot even if im just reading an ebook, it turned off automatically and if i tried to open it there’s a whizzing sound coming from the back of the tablet. After stating everything, they asked me to leave the tablet with them so they can transport it to Coby Service Center here in the Philippines to have it check (wondering why Coby US doesn’t know they have one here). They told me that it would take 2weeks before I can get it back. I asked one representative from Xsite if they can just give me a replacement since I’ve been having those issues even just a few days after purchasing it, but the Agent said NO so i didn’t push for it. I got my tablet back on the 5th of February (exactly 2weeks as promised). I haven’t had issues after a month or so, but it’s not that worse so I decided to just ignore it.

Obviously, It got worse again that’s why I decided to post something here to warn people who’s thinking of getting a Coby tablet. This started around September that I noticed my battery got empty very fast, even though I’m turning it off when Im not using it. And even if I am using it, it is just to read ebooks which i don’t think should consume battery that fast. Then, I noticed that I am having a hard time using the volume and switch button, I have to press it many times just to have it work. And lastly, my tablet started to turn off again automatically.

So on October 15, I went back to Xsite Mobile store and complain AGAIN. for the 2nd time they asked me to leave the tablet so they can send it to Coby Service Center. The guy reminded me that the check-up would take 2weeks, which i am already aware of. It’s beyond 2 weeks but i still haven’t received any updates from them so I decided to call the Service Center directly, which by the way requires patience since its so hard to get hold of someone on the other line. I spoke with Rachel and asked her about my tablet, to my surprise she said that they are still checking on it. Ii was Sunday when I called her and told her that I need to have it now because I have a flight to catch by Wednesday. She told me to call after a couple of hours to let me know if they can rush it. I agreed then and waited. I called her that same day and I was advised to call the following day for another update since she said they are still checking on it. I asked her whats taking them so long, she then told me that the timeframe is always 2-3 weeks. I complained and told her that I was only advised that it will only take 2weeks. She then rest assured me to have it rush then. I called her again on Monday, I asked if they can have it deliver the tablet that day at Xsite Mobile so i can pick it up. She said they can’t, but she told me that I can pick it up the following day, a day before my flight. So I said its fine and i will just drop by at MegaMall after work. It’s already Tuesday and I was at work and I was wondering already why I still haven’t received any SMS from Xsite Mobiled (store) that they have my tablet and ready to be pick-up. I sent an SMS instead to Xsite asking them if they have it already, and to my dismay I was advised that the tablet can’t be deliver that day and would require another days for checking. I was so frustrated and told them that I was rest assured by Rachel that i will have it that day since she knows that i have a flight to catch the following day and I definitely need the tablet. Xsite mobile replied and told me that its actually Rachel who informed them that the tablet can’t be deliver that day. I am trying my best not to be mad and let the situation eats me, since I have a lot of other things to take care of before my vacation. To make it short … I let it go.

4days after my vacation I still haven’t received an SMS from Xsite so i sent them a message again. I was then advised that the tablet is already on their hands and ready to be pick-up (and i was like ok? so why didn’t someone let me know that it was ready then?). I picked-up the tablet on November 12 (exactly 4weeks), I asked the guy what did the Service Center done to my tablet, and he said the SC didn’t find anything wrong with it. Wonderful! i waited for 4weeks for nothing!

I’ts exactly 5days now after I claimed it and I am still frustrated and it’s because I’m still experiencing the issues I complained about that they promise to take care of for 4weeks. Im so done! My warranty will expire by January, but I don’t think its worthy going and ranting to them again anymore since they definitely don’t know what they’re doing anyway.

And just so you know, we have another tablet at home (from Lenovo) and we never experience a single problem like what i am frustrated about with COBY.

So please! just a piece of advise! get a different tablet instead of COBY. I definitely don’t want you to be frustrated as I am. 🙂


14 thoughts on “COBY KYROS MID7032 review”

  1. Nice review. Very Informative. this will serve as a warning and a guide to those who want to buy this kind of brand. Sana nabasa ko itong blog mo ng maaga bago kame nakabile ng coby kyros yesterday. kaya ngayon isa na din kame sa problemado sa unit ni coby kyros and we demanded our money back!.

    1. If you just bought it yesterday, then might as well push for refund. Not worthy it if they will just replace it with a new one 🙂 If you’ll check their Facebook account, grabe puro reklamo ang mababasa nyo. tsk tsk. I’m still looking for DTI’s email address where i can write them a complain. Nakakainit po talaga ng ulo tong Coby.

  2. Well it’s way too late for me too… out of my impulsive self I bought a Coby smart phone more than a week ago and I keep on encountering hangs too. If I only knew that this brand has this ‘hanging’ reputation, I should have bought MyPhone instead… haay…

    1. Just a week ago? What about the warranty?

      I sent an email complaint with DTI, which they passed to Coby and the store where I bought it. After a few days, Rachel from Coby sent me an SMS telling me that they will just replace the tablet (eventhough I have it for 11months already). But then, when I replied and asked her what do I need to do to process the replacement, didn’t get any response from her until now. I just gave up. Been thru hassles a lot already and my tablet seems ok now anyway.

      So my advise is try to talk to with the store. If they refuse to help you, go and send an email to DTI. Coby dont do refund. Just replacement. You still have a chance.

      Goodluck Ms. Tina! 🙂

      1. Naka bili din ako ng Coby 7032 ng yayari din yung hang pero alam ko kung san aayusin sa mga app nya at ng install ako ng clean master at my binago ako sa settings para sya mag close ng di ko kailangang app ok nman running smooth mabagal tlaga kc 1gig lang procesor at 512 lang memory at mababa lang GPU kc ng unit natin at battery pla kya ganun.6 months n unit ko ok prin khit naputukan na ng charger kc mababa ang MAH na charger ang nagamit ng kpatid ko, maliban nalang kung my factory defect o kya imitation nabili mo marami kc ngyn ganyan

      2. Sa tingin ko defective talaga sya. Kaya kahit anong ayos nila, hindi na sya fully magiging ok. Although ok na sya ngayon after nung last kong dala sa kanila.

        Ang alam ko US product ang Coby. Pero naka made in China yung sakin. Late ko na napansin. Hopefully di na talaga sya magloko kasi expired na yung warranty ko eh.

        Good for you kung ok yung nabili mo 😉

  3. the same thing yon nangyari sa akin nov. 30,2013 nagloko d na ma turn on…tapos dec. 7,2013…pick up daw for repair in service center…thrice na ako nag inquire until now my COBY KYROS MID8011 december to february 26, 2014…TATAWAGan parin kon ok na? anong klaseng services mayroon sila? February 25,2014, inquire ako ulit dito sa SM BACOLOD about the item…Many times they called for the UPDATE of the gadget but UNTIL NOW THEY WILL TELL THE COSTUMER…TO WAIT AND THEY WILL INFORM US IF IT IS ALREADY OK….GANUN LANG?

    1. Their Customer Service is hopeless so don’t expect anything from them. When did you buy the item? Just keep on calling the service center and the store where you bought it until they give it back to you.

  4. Thank you sa info. Very detailed at early warning na rin sa mga future buyers ng COBY. Pwede pala magcomplain sa DTI.

    Grabe yung service center(Red Dot). November 2013 ko pa dinala yung tablet ko, pag tinatanong ko sila kung may babayaran or kung kailan pwede makuha, hinde na sila sumasagot. Paiba – iba rin sila ng number.

    Ask ko lang, kung pwede ba ireklamo ung store? Pinapunta nila ako sa service center. Tapos hanggang ngayon nasa service center pa rin ung tablet. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Zam!

      When I sent a complain letter sa DTI, nag set sila ng appointment with me, Coby Representative and the Store Manager. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend since I had an emergency ‘lakad’ that day,

      Anyway, I advise you to do the same. Send a complain to DTI. Mabilis lang naman sila magreply mga 2-3 days lang.

      Actually, after nag set ng appontment ang DTI. Naka receive pa ko ng SMS from Rachel (my Coby contact) na irereplace na lang daw nila yung tablet ko. Take note, 11 months na yun sakin that time. Tas nung nagreply ako kung anong gagawin ko para makuha yung replacement, hindi na sya nagreply. Hindi na rin ako nangulit kasi napapagod na ko. Nasstress lang ako sa kanila.

      Kung bago bago pa yung tablet mo, ipush mo yung replacement. Feeling ko kasi kailangan lang talaga silang kulitin.

      Sobrang bad ng service and quality ng products nila. Goodluck sa pakikibaka mo. Hehehe

  5. grabe puro nega ang comments sa coby. yung gamit ko naman na coby kyros mid7032 ay ok lang . ni root ko at nag install ako ng playstore mabilis naman at hindi rin nag hang. nalalaro ko din mga online game like coc ng no probs. ang problem lang d2 ay yung batt niya mine ay nasira na kaya inalis ko na lang at pinalitan ng external powerbank ng cdrking so far so good naman .

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