ooOh Illuminati…. what’s with you?


For the past years, I’ve been hearing stuff about Illuminati and how is it related to a lot of BIG NAMES especially in Hollywood. I’ve tried to search and read some information online, but my brain can’t still understand how it works (or maybe I just have to read it again).

Just this year, I saw a video in youtube that explaines and elaborates how sure are they that BEYONCE is a member. They showed lots of photos and video clippings from her previous concerts and music videos which has a bunch of what they called “illuminati symbols’. They even blamed this group for killing a lot of big stars in Hollywood (although the news always report a different story), like with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, 2pac and Amy Lee. – and many more

Seriously? I don’t care about this issue so much not until I saw Eminem’s name (who’s my ULTIMATE crush) on a site that shows a complete lists of Illuminati’s current members. I saw his name there together with other big stars like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Barack Obama, Dr. Dre, Madonna, Paris Hilton (and a lot more).

I mean, I know Eminem is not your good-guy-type especially when you listen to most of his songs and understand each words on his lyrics. But what I think I like about him is how he’s not shy to let the whole world knows how much he loves his daughters (Hailie, Whitney and Alaina – although Hailie is the only biological). I also like how he can put crazy words and can make it to such a good rap. I mean, I’m not a big fan of rap… but I’m really into him… and his music.

But is it really like that now? When people made it big to Hollywood… the DEVIL is always the one who took credits to it? Can’t we just accept the fact that he’s just really SMART and TALENTED? Or is it too hard for us to accept that GOD can give such talents too! and it just sooo happen that they use it to promote the wrong path?


I don’t know.

I just want to share this, you know.


let me see what you think... ^_6

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