1st Sunday Service for September 2013

***Are you a RADICAL Christian?

1 Peter 2:11-12
“Dear friends, you are foreigners and strangers on this earth. So I beg you not to surrender to those desires that fight against you. Always let others see you behaving properly, even though they may still accuse you of doing wrong. Then on the day of judgement, they will honor God by telling the good things they saw you do.”

— This is our Sunday Service topic this morning. I don’t know at first what does our Pastor wants us to learn by asking this question… are you a radical christian? Are you? Am I?

But as he talked about it further, I was able to understand what does he wants us to see and learn from this.

Why do you think its important for us to be a radical christian and not just be a regular christian?

Here’s what he said…

1. Radical Christians abstain from feeling lusts absolutely.

— in 1 Corinthians 6:6-7 it says: “Why should one of you take another to be tried by unbelievers? When one of you takes another to court, all of you lose. It would be better to let yourselves be cheated and robbed”.

It’s important to stand firm in doing things that only pleases God, no matter how hard it is. I know personally that its really difficult to resist temptations since they are everywhere, but again, just think about how worth it would that be once we’re facing the judgement day. If your having trouble in staying on track do not hesitate in going back into our basic step — repent, read the bible, pray and attend fellowships πŸ™‚

2. Radical Christians keep their behavior excellent.

— in Ecclesiastes 9:10 it says: “Work hard at whatever you do. You will soon go to the world of the dead, where no one works or thinks or reasons or knows anything.”

Just like what I’ve said in our 1st part, behave properly. Do not mind what the unbelievers would think and say about what you say and do. Once you face the judgement day, what only matters is what God think of you and not what people on earth think about you.

3. Ultimately, radical Christians always seek to glorify God.

— which for me is the most important. Glorify Him and worship Him as much as we can, because He deserves all the glory and worship more than anyone else.


***Why is it important in knowing God’s truth?

John 8:32
“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

— why do you think it’s important to know the truth about God? About the Almighty that we worship and glorify so high?

Here’s why…

1. Knowing God’s truth leads to a relationship with Him.

— inΒ  John 3:3 it says: “Jesus replied, I tell you for certain that you must be born from above before you can see God’s kingdom.”

Be born-again is only what it takes to be in His kingdom and experience the beauty of heaven. Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a relationship with God. Religion will not and cannot save human from God’s anger on judgement day, but your faith, love and belief will do.

2. Knowing God’s truth leads to repentance.

— in John 3:5 it says “I tell you for certain that before you can get into God’s kingdom,Β youΒ must be born not only by water, but by the Spirit.

Repentance and acceptance is all that matters. Accept your mistakes and sins committed then repent everything to Him.

3. Knowing God’s truth leads us to faith

— in John 3:11 it says: “I tell you for certain that we know what we are talking about because we have seen it ourselves.”

Believe and have faith, and everything will fall according to His plan (which is always better than yours πŸ˜‰


**Have a blessed week ahead of us guys!**


let me see what you think... ^_6

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