book review: Slammed Series

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Main Characters: Lake and Will

Author: Colleen Hoover

(P.S If you want to read the book, just click on the title to download the PDF version =)



Slammed – **4 Stars

Lake met Will after they moved from Texas to Michigan. Lake father just died and them moving isn’t really helping her to cope up with everything that’s happening with their lives. But everything changed when she met Will. The guy who lives just across the street.

I love the story and the poetry. I love how every words made this story a great read! Although this first book is quite heavy, because Lake and Will both lost their parents and were forced to face big responsibilities.




Points of Retreat-1– **4 stars

It’s always nice to know the point of view of the guy in the story, that’s why i love this second book as much as i love Slammed. This book is also a continuation and not just Will’s POV. The poetry inside this book are also awesome that will really melt your heart ♥




This Girl – **3 stars

This is a continuation, mostly happened during Lake’s and Will’s honeymoon (still Will’s POV). For some reason, i found this book really uneccessary, since Will mostly just talked about everything he felt to Lake which could have been tackled in book 2. But still, it was nice. The last piece is also a must read! A poem Will made for his lifes last puzzle piece 🙂


3 thoughts on “book review: Slammed Series”

    1. i actually didn’t read the whole “This Girl” books. Mostly i just browsed through the pages. It has poems that’s not on the 1st two books so it’s okay to still read it 🙂

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