Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam: Theft from a Nation?

AWARENESS can kill STUPIDITY. For all Filipinos, please take time to read this blog especially the comments of Mr. Anonymous.

mom and pop moments

Update as of Aug 4, 2013:

Overwhelmed by the interest in the blog generated a comment written by “Mr. Anonymous Commenter” who was moved to comment in my blog post.  Given the huge number of comments, I feel compelled to inform the readers that comments DO NOT necessarily reflect the views of the blog owner.  Note that I have chosen not to censor comments until now.  However, I regret that I have found the need to delete the last four numbers of the cellphone number another Anonymous commenter has posted as I cannot sleep knowing someone innocent may be a victim of harassment due to this.  Please do not post phone numbers in your comments anymore as there’s no way to authenticate the source of information and innocent Filipinos may be victimized because of this.  

Thank you so much.   


The recent news over the possible

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2 thoughts on “Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam: Theft from a Nation?”

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