The Attitude of a Lost Generation

Just got home from our Sunday service and I feel so blessed that I think it’s just right to share it here.

Today, our Pastor talked about the attitude of a lost generation. To make it simple, we talked about people who’s living their life far from the presence of the Lord.

As a Christian, I can say that I, myself, is having a hard time fulfilling my duties as His child. It’s really hard to be a faithful Christian when you’re always surrounded by the worlds sweetest temptations. But I know that as long as I keep my eyes on him… I will never be lost.

So how can we know if we’re on the right track? How can we know if we’re lost already?

If we find ourselves in any of the list… its about time to change our path. It’s never too late for Him.

*The Attitude of a Lost Generation*

1. Faith Quitters
– People who don’t have faith in their hearts.

As a Christian, I can guarantee you that faith is the fittest key for having a successful relationship with the Lord. It’s also our life greatest weapon against evil and our dreams best booster.

Let us always remember that wihout faith, we can’t move forward.

2. Easily believe the majority.
– “Majority wins”, a line that’s not acceptable with God.

In this world we’re living right now, where crimes and evil seems to reign. Trusting our decision by looking what the world seems to say would be really dangerous for us. As a Christian, we should always be aware on what is Gods plans for us.

World is the sweetest temptation evil has to offer. Unaware people is the easiest for the devil to deceive. Don’t be one.

3. Magnify their difficulties and 4. Always look down on themselves.
– People who loves pointing on what they can’t do and not on what they can do.

If we always blinded by our fear, we will not be able to achieve whater it is that we want to achieve. We will be forever stuck into dreaming and hoping. We will not be able to move forward unless we stop being afraid and try.

Let’s always keep in mind that being with the Lord, its always our advantage! With God, there’s always victory!

5. They murmur and they don’t submit to authority.
– People who always blame authorities and don’t know how to follow them.

Whether we like it or not, our leaders were appointed by the Lord. And by disrespecting them, its the same as disrespecting Him too. This goes the same with our churh leaders, pastors, up to our local governments and unto our countries President.

Follow and pray for our leaders to be blessed by the Lord, and His blessing will shower unto us too.

6. Lastly, they are unwilling to pay for the price.
– People who’s always expecting, but don’t want to give anything in return.

Life is precious and a gift, but its not all about having a good life. Its not always about glamour and prestige. Its all about who’s willing to sacrifice to receive the greatest gift of all… salvation.

Let’s be the kind of generation where the Lord is the center of our lives. Let’s be a consistent Christian and be prepare for Gods goodness.

Have a blessed week ahead for all of us!


let me see what you think... ^_6

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