It’s been awhile since I posted  anything here. I can’t say that I’m too busy at work, ’cause I’m NOT. hahaha. Its just that I cant think of anything to post really. And since its exactly 1month today since the last time i posted anything here in wordpress… I think im oblige to post one today – just to let you know that my page still exist and VERY ACTIVE. hahaha

Oh well… what can I say? Let me see…

I’m at home and it’s my off from work, but i’ll be back and kicking tomorrow. I woke up very early today ’cause I had an appointment at 10am to see my dentist to have my teeth clean. After that, I had my nails done and had it color PINK with glittersss ♥ it’s been awhile too since i went to a salon to have my nails done, ’cause usually i prefer the DIY process 🙂

Aside from it’s the 1st of July today, today is quite special at work too. We officially changed the name of our Loyalty Program from ‘Priority Club Rewards” to “IHG Rewards Club”. And I should better remember my new spill tomorrow as an IHG Rewards Club Hotel Help Desk Specialist :p I can’t wait to have my new spill rolling tomorrow! hahaha.

Goodluck and cheers to us!


let me see what you think... ^_6

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