book review: The Devil and Miss Prymm

Paulo Coelho’s words over breakfast ❀

Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite author. i like the way he write about God, life and experience. This book talks about the never ending battle of Good and Evil. With this, Paulo tried to explain that all people really have ‘a Good and Evil’ side… its just up to us on which light will shine brighter.

“the devil was always aboard in the earth, trying to catch people unawares.

The Devil and Miss Prymm novel, is a story about an old man who lived a good life, until his wife and kids were kidnapped and murdered. After the tragedy, he traveled to so many places in searching for an answer to a question that only life can answer. Life can be really hard and cruel sometimes, its just a matter of acceptance.

“The story of one person is a story of all humanity. “

This is just an easy read, but with full of thoughts that will definitely stuck in your mind πŸ™‚

Highly recommended! Enjoy! β™₯


let me see what you think... ^_6

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