my FIRST and QUICK glance of B♥GUIO

Aside from April is when the real FUN/summer begins, its also my moms and youngest brothers month. My mom turned 50 y.o this year, while my lil bro turned 18.  Last year, we celebrated their birthday at Estancia Resort Hotel in Tagaytay.

And this year its in Baguio baby!

I was so excited while im planning our escapade since its my first glance of Baguio. I even asked some of my officemates who grew up there on whats the best place to see , since we will be staying there for 2days/1night.

And so they gave me this list:

  • Camp John Hay
  • Bell Church
  • The Mansion
  • Botanical Garden
  • BenCab Museum (for arts lovers)
  • Tam-Awan Village
  • Burnham Park
  • Mines View Park
  • Wrights View Park (for horse back riding)
  • Strawberry Farm
  • Good Shepherd Convent
  • MaryKnoll Ecological Sanctuary
  • Philippine Military Academy
  • Diplomat Hotel (for ghost hunting? lols)

Just so you know, we dont have a bus ticket booked nor a hotel. hahahaha. so much for being so independent! lols. So we arrived in Cubao around 8:30pm and we went straight to the Victory Line Bus terminal. Unfortunately, we were advised that the next bus we can take is 02:00am already! since all earlier seats were sold-out. Good thing we noticed that the Dagupan Bus Line (along Aurora Blvd. Cubao too) also have a MNL-BAG route. We left Cubao as early as 09:15pm. I must say that the Dagupan Bus Line is also as safe just like the Victory Liner. The bus driver was very careful and i noticed that he’s not a fan of over-taking other buses on the road.

We arrived in Baguio around 03:30am in a Very Freezing Cold (redundancy) temperature! hahahaha, and thats something that we did not anticipate! its too early to look for ancestral house for rent since obviously all the owners were still sleeping. so we hired a taxi and asked the ‘manong driver (MD)’ to look for a place to stay for us. MD was really nice and kind to us. He even tried to bring us to some of his friends who have ancestral house that we can get a good deal, unfortunately, they’re all still sleeping! hahahaha. so we just asked MD to bring us in a place where we can rent for awhile then we will just transfer once the sun is out. MD then brought us to a place where we rented a room for only 1000pesos/24hours, with 2 double beds, a CR (w/a hot&cold shower), and with a window at the back of the room overlooking the view of Baguio. The room is so small actually, it looks like a rectangle box with two beds and a plain table and 2 chairs in the middle. Oh well… what can we expect for that cheap deal? hehehehe. anyway, since we will be outside most of the time… we decided to just stay there for our entire stay.

We slept for a couple of hours first, since sleeping on our way to Baguio is really impossible. We left the hotel at around 09:00am, and thats when our escapade begun 🙂

my sister-in-law, lil bro, me, and my mom ♥ the little girl is my niece ♥

Bell Church:




Strawberry Farm:


nothing much to see since April is not their season ;(
with my lil bro 🙂

Mines View Park:


with Baguis famous dog, Douglas ;p

The Mansion:




Wrights Park:




Botanical Garden:

with the originals 🙂




OPEN. aircondition isn’t needed 🙂479882_567091479991609_1927362664_n


To make the story short, we ended up only staying there for 1day, because my 2 year old niece came with us and she’s so hyper that all of us is too tired to spend another day with her. ahahahaha.



but i will surely go back to this haven and explore more of the things that Baguio has to offer 🙂





2 thoughts on “my FIRST and QUICK glance of B♥GUIO”

    1. hahahaha. see baguio too Ms.Vayie! although its quite traffic in there now ’cause they’re fixing the main road 🙂

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