♥ i am PROUD … ♥

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Moms out there! i wrote this years ago… just for Her ♥ (hope you like it too 🙂

ANNpredictable thoughts. ANNdeniably crazy.

“i wrote this way back in college (i think around 2007?). its a letter i wrote for my mom for Mother’s Day. but guess what? i wasn’t able to show it to her. maybe this year. hahaha”

i am PROUD. 

proud to have a mother like her. 
a mom who’s always their when i need her. 
a mom that never fails to shower us things that we want and need. 
a mom who’s too flexible that she turns out to be as another person that depends upon the needed situation.

my mom who cry when she sees me crying.
my mom who gets hurt when she sees im hurting.
my mom who gets sad whenever i am lonely. and,
my mom who smile when she sees me happy

my mom :

as a teacher
when she correct our mistakes and leads us to the right path of our life. 


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