book review: Six Years


written by: Harlan Coben


for Six Years, Professor Jake Sanders kept his promise to the only one woman he love.

Jake met Natalie during a retreat that he took in a small place in Vermont. They met and fell in love. But to his disappointment, Natalie married another man. And he was there during the ceremony, since Natalie sent him a wedding invitation. After the wedding, Natalie came up to him and asked him to leave them alone, and Jake agreed to that. It appears to him that whatever moment they shared in Vermont was just a ‘summer fling’ for her, but a ‘real love’ for him.

for Six Years, Jake tried to forget Natalie, but he knew he can’t. until one day, his searching begun when he came across Todd’s (Natalie’s husband) obituary. he went to the funeral ceremony hoping to see Natalie. He knew he shouldnt be there. But he thought that since the husband is now dead… his promise to leave them alone is now forfeited. for Jake’s surprise, he found Todd’s kids at the funeral, even his wife… and its not Natalie… it was never Natalie.

Jake tried to look for Natalie by asking all of the people they’ve met in Vermont. But all of them said that they haven’t met him or her or they cant remember meeting him or Natalie. He then tried to visit the chapel where the wedding six years ago was held and see if he can find any information about her. Much for another surprise, the wedding wasn’t listed on the chapels manual.


for the past months… the books that i’ve finished reading were all chick-flix/romance. so i decided to look for a mystery book. i actually have a lot of books from James Patterson that i havent opened yet. but i said that i would try something new, something from an author i havent heard before. and thats how i found “Six Years by Harlan Coben”. as far as the internet is concern, this is the #1 bestseller for the mystery genre as of the moment. so i thought why not give it a try.

and here’s my say…

i like the idea and the concept of the story. but to tell you the truth, for me, the novel itself was written poorly. im a big fan of mystery/thriller/suspense books. but i didn’t appreciate this book much. i know its not fair to compare him to others (like; Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, James Patterson, and Mary Higgins Clark *whom are all my favorite mystery authors), but i can’t help it!

what i like about reading mystery books is i love the feeling of rush! especially when you hit the climax of the story. i even read books with a lot of gasping moments on it. like every piece is a page turner. every page gives you surprises which makes you hold the book tighter! but definitely not this one. i think i only have the *gasp* moment ONCE… and let me add that its a very quick one! ;(

although this book is an easy read, i think the pacing of the story is just too fast and boring. the ‘mystery’ thing looks ‘trying-hard’. i dont how to say it. i dont know how to explain it.

P.S: if you know a good book from harlan coben, let me know. so i can give him a second chance. lols.)


let me see what you think... ^_6

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