book review: Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster

Written by: Jamie McGuire

A typical love&hate relationship, but with humor… and cuteness *to the highest level ;p*. If you want a light read for the heart, this one is best for you. And i just found out today that this will hit the bigscreen soon (no specific date yet), under the Warner Brothers Picture. I can’t wait! ♥


Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1 – Abby’s POV)

Abby left her home to leave her past behind. She decided to pursue college far away from home to start a fresh life. But when she thought that she was able to leave her past, she met Travis. A man who reminds her of the things she’s been trying to forget.


 Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2 – Travis POV)

Travis is the king of their school. Boys know that they cant mess up with him, while girls trying their best to mess up with him. Travis was known as the bad guy in school, and the most heartthrob too when it comes to the girls. Girls threw themselves to him, which he always openly accept.  But things started to changed when he met Abby. The girl that taught him what real love is.


let me see what you think... ^_6

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