book review: Everyday


First book i’ve read from David Levithan

Everyday is a new life, new room, new name, new parents, new friends… everyday… its a new him/her.

Everyday, ‘A‘ wakes up in a different body. Sometimes as a boy… sometimes a girl. A grew up thinking that its normal for someone to transfer to ones body to another body every single day. A discovered that he/she’s unique not until at the age of four.

Before, A tried not to sleep thinking that it can stop her/him to transfer to a different body, but it just makes it more hard and painful for him/her, so he just decided to just let it all happen without fighting it.

As per the story, A grew up like that. So i dont know yet if A has a body that he can call his own. I use ‘his/her’ because A himself doesn’t know he’s real gender. But with my review, i think i’ll just consider A as a ‘HE’, since he fell in love with a girl in the story *but he once fell in love in a boy too, while insides a boys body…hahaha*.

A always wakes up in the morning in a different body eversince he was born, but he only wakes up in the body of people with his same age. He never experienced staying in ones body for more than 1day. He’s spirit seems to always hop at night as soon as his mind switched off for the day. Since he’s been doing the transfer eversince he was born, he learned how to read the peoples memory and learn how to use it for his advantage so that he will not be put in trouble, and he will not put the ‘other’ persons in trouble too, once the persons wakes up the following day without any memory of yesterday. Actually, the persons who owns the body that he’s borrowing for 1day can remember some information of what they did *while is the one controlling it*, but they cant explain nor put the memories all together.


The climax of the story begun when A woke up as ‘Justin’. Justin is a just typical young boy, but what makes it complicated for A is when he found himself loving Justin’s girlfriend… Rhiannon.

Before, he never experienced seeing the person that he once used to be. But after meeting Rhiannon and pretending to be ‘Justin’. He always found himself waking up to a persons body living close to her. A was even more shocked when he woke up one day inside Rhiannon’s body.

Because of his feelings for Rhiannon, he confessed his love to her by sending her an e-mail. He proved his feelings for Rhiannon by going to her school everyday, but this set up wasn’t easy for her. Rhiannon had a difficult time seeing A as a different person everyday, especially when he’s inside a girls body.

The story got even more complicated when he accidentally left some ‘mark’ on a youngs boy’s life that he once borrowed for 1day. Nathan, a young boy who stole his fathers car and went to a party for the sake of seeing a young girl (Rhiannon), and ended up awoken by some cops in the middle of the road… and not remembering anything that happened. Nathan then did claimed that he was possessed by the devil which later then caught a lot of peoples attention. He even started seeing a priest because of his claims. Nathan found A’s personal e-mail saved on his laptop, when A forgotten to erase the history. Nathan then started emailing A, telling him that he’s a devil and they should meet because he wants to know why he possessed him. At first, A tried to ignore Nathan. But one day after he and Rhiannon broke up, he decided to see Nathan and explain everything. When he first talked to Nathan via e-mail, he said his name is Andrew, that’s why Nathan was so shocked when he showed up as a girl. A knew that Nathan is actually a nice guy, someone that he can be friend with. Thats why the following day, when Nathan asked him to come over at his house for a little chat since his parents is away, A didnt hesitate and agreed to come. A was shocked to find the priest inside the house with them. A felt betrayed by Nathan. But whats worst was when he look at the priest eyes and realized that its actually not the priest who’s talking… someone else is inside the priests body… someone like him.

P.S: that’s how the story end. obviously there’s a book two. and i cant wait for that! ❤


4 thoughts on “book review: Everyday”

  1. That reminds me of a series that used to be on tv called Quantum Leap – different concept however. It does sound intriguing – I’m really curious about why A jumps about from body to body though and like you said does A even have a body?? I wonder if all this will be revealed eventually. The ending sounds creepy!
    Lynn 😀

    1. i hope so too! idk when will they release the 2nd book though. the ending is nice… but it really sounds creepy.

      highly recommended! 🙂

  2. A friend told me about this book and it reminded me of Quantum Leap, too. I was planning to read it sometime because of the interesting plot and I really enjoyed David Levithan and Rachel Cohn’s Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I shouldn’t have read your post about it to avoid the spoilers but I was just too tempted! 🙂

    1. hahaha… actually im planning to change the way i write book review, cause i always ended up putting spoilers (which i cant help not to ;p).

      this is my first David L. book. i’ll put Infinite Playlist on my ‘to-read’ list

      thanks for the comment! 🙂

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