book review: Flipped


The novel is about Juli and Bryce FLIPPED romance ♥♥♥

The story is simple but cute, especially if its about teenagers who doesn’t know what love is until they felt it themselves.

The story begun when Bryce family moved into Juli’s neighborhood. Juli’s been waiting for a week for the new family to arrive, since she learned that the family has a son who’s about her age whom she assumed will be her ‘bestfriend forever.

When Juli first saw Bryce, she knew that she liked him already. For a moment, she just stood outside her house staring and captured by Bryce sparkling blue eyes. Until she decided to come over and offered help for Bryce and his dad who’s busy lifting boxes outside of their van.

From then on, Juli has been Bryce shadow. But Bryce only feelings for Juli is nothing but raged. He doesn’t like the fact that Juli’s always beside him or behind him. She always try to get his attention and always asked about his opinion *as if he really cares*.

But after a few years, Juli realized that she’s just wasting all her time and effort for Bryce. Especially when something happened, and she heard Bryce talking to his bestfriend and making fun of her and her family.

When Juli started ignoring Bryce, thats the time he realized that he actually prefers Juli’s presence bugging him instead of her pretending that he doesn’t exist. He’s now the one who’s trying to get Juli’s attention while she’s trying her best to ignore him.


**don’t take things for granted ^_6


3 thoughts on “book review: Flipped”

  1. I was able to watch the movie but haven’t read the book. But i should say that this has got one of the cutest puppy love stories ever. It even made me cry in the end, i just felt like the ending was so beautiful in between them.

    1. i agree! i havent seen the movie though but this story is indeed cute.

      i recommend you should try “Lola and The Boy Next Door” and “On Dublin Street”. its also a nice read for the heart ❤

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