book review: Safe Haven


I just finished reading Safe Haven, a novel written by Nicholas Sparks.

I started reading the novel yesterday after I saw an officemate reading it. Since i have an ebook copy on my tablet, i decided to read it too. Besides, it will be shown theatrically this L♥VE (February) month, so i decided to read it first before it hits the big screen. The story is not unusual, the plot actually has a little similarity with the last book i’ve read from Samantha Young, which is “On Dublin Street”.


The story is about Katie who run away from her husband Kevin, who seems to see her as a punching bag instead of treating her as his wife. Katie ended up in a small town named Southport, where everything and everyone seems simple and peaceful. And unaware that there she will meet the people who will help her to forget the past – enjoy the present – and look forward for the future.

On that small town she met Alex, a widowed with two beautiful kids named Josh and Kristen. His wife Carly died, after suffering from a brain tumor. Alex first saw Katie at his grocery store. She looked pale when he first saw her but can’t deny the fact that Katie is an attractive girl. Kristen, Alex daughter got to know Katie first. They talk a little everytime Katie went to the story to buy some supplies, and its obvious to him that his daughter is comfortable around Katie. Alex then tend to always stock whatever supply Katie always buy to make sure she gets everything she needs. They were introduced to each other when something happened to Josh – Alex’s son. That incident leads them to friendship – until they started seeing each other more often afterwards.

Katie’s small home is almost far from the town proper, about 30 minutes walk since she don’t own a car. The area was once a plantation before the owner converted the two lodge into a home and started renting it to people. There’s only two cabin in the area, one owned by Katie and the other one was owned by Jo. They became friends immediately. They had dinner together, talk a lot, or sip some wine on Katies porch,  since Jo’s house isn’t tidy yet from all the dust and mess, since she just moved in right after Katie. Jo seems to know everyone in town, from the people at the restaurant Katie’s currently working at as a waitress, to Alex and his kids. Katie also have this feelings that Jo wants her to start a special relationship with Alex. Though she didn’t take it seriously at first, Jo always makes sure that Katie is aware that she wants her to be with Alex. That Katie is good for Alex and his kids.


After several weeks past, Katie and Alex both acknowledged the fact that they are attracted and in love with each other. They go out  on the beach with the kids, or sometimes they just hang out at Katie’s house. Though they know that they are in love with each other, they didn’t go beyond the limit since both of them are fully aware that Katie is still married with Kevin.

Unfortunately, Katie can’t run forever. Kevin found out her whereabouts after learning that she stolen somebody elses identity. Katie’s real name is Erin. The real Katie is the daughter of an old couple residing across the house they bought after they married, who died years ago from an accident. The old couple are Erin’s only friend, because Kevin don’t like her walking around the area and making friends with their neighbors. Erin went to the couple house everytime Kevin was at work., and they showed Erin their daughters kept profile including her birth certificate and social security number. Erin have this feeling that they did it on purpose so that she can get away with Kevin, because they know what happens to her everytime she’s inside their house alone with Kevin, eventhough they never asked about her bruises, nor about her marriage.

Kevin found where she worked and where she lived, it didn’t took him ling since Southport is just a small town. Things ended up really bad that Alex store got burned up, and Erin ended up killing Kevin eventhough she didn’t intend things to end up like that between the two of them.

After the horrible confrontation with Kevin, Erin went to the house beside hers hoping to talk to Jo, but what she found is a house that’s unkept and still dusty and no sign that someone is leaving in there. That moment she realized one thing – Jo is just an imaginary friend.

After Erin and Alex talks about their relationship and their future, Alex gave Erin a letter made by his late wife a few months before she died. The letter was made for whoever Alex will meet and fall for after she gone. The letter contains of pleading the “whoever woman”, to love and treasure Alex and the kids, and to treat them as her own. At the end of the letter, she saw that it was signed by the woman who once took care of Alex, his wife  — Carly Jo.

♥♥♥ Though the story seems common, I loved it. I like how the story ended, and how a surprise twist showed up at the end. And now, i just can’t help but be excited to watch the movie! *i just hope it will not disappoint me* 🙂


let me see what you think... ^_6

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