book review: I Am Living for Cancer (The Fault in Our Stars)


The Fault in Our Stars is the 5th book i have read starting this year, and the first book i have read from John Green πŸ™‚

I actually don’t know what to expect about this book, all I know is it’s quite dominated last year top books sold worldwide, so out of curiosity I got myself a copy.

To be honest, once I started reading this, i don’t even want to put down my book anymore and just continue reading it, until i reached the last page.

The story is nice… plotted simply, but can definitely create a different reactions towards the readers. I smiled a lot while reading this book, i laugh a little, and definitely shed some tears.

This is really a nice story about two young minds (Augustus and Hazel Grace), who happened to crossed path during those times that they both needed someone to give them inspiration and motivation to enjoy life, despite of their battles with cancer.

They met in a group wherein all of the members are cancer patients/survivors. They started as friends and buddies until they realized that they are both falling for each other. I actually thought that Hazel Grace will be the one to go first, because in the middle of the story, she was sent to an ICU due to lungs/heart failure. And Augustus on the other hand already won his battle with cancer, when they removed one of his leg.

Unfortunately, something really bad happened, because Augustus cancer decided to make a u-turn and roamed all over his body. He didnt tell Hazel first, because he knows that it will make her sad so bad, and he cant bare that fact because he lover her too much.

Their few days were spent on Augustus house since he wasn’t allowed to go out anymore. Hazel went to his house everyday and spend a lot of her time with him. Until one morning, Hazel received a call from Augustus mom, she knows it already even without answering her phone yet — Augustus is gone.

Date started reading: 24Jan13

Date finished reading: 26Jan13


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