book review: Message In a Bottle

I just finished reading another novel from Nicholas Sparks. This is a love story about two people who were both trapped to their own love tragedy in the past, but somehow able to let go and be free with the help of each other arms.

“Message In a Bottle”

Main Characters: (The story is about Theresa and Garrett)

Theresa is a columnist with Boston Times who tackles about parenting. A single mother for Kevin, with an ex-husband named David. Theresa is almost on the top of her career as a researcher. It’s been three years after she got divorced with David, but she still wasn’t able to completely move on.

And Garrett on the other hand, is a man who’s trapped on his past since the day that he lost his wife, Catherine. They were childhood friend, got separated, then reunited when they were in college. They married right after their graduation and live a happy and peaceful life together. Catherine is Garrett’s everything. That’s why when she died from an accident, he don’t know how to live anymore. Aside from owning a shop where you can buy everything that you need for diving, he teach diving lessons as well every weekends. He owns a boat where he usually spends most of his time after his wifes died. He go sailing alone and spend some time in the ocean thinking about Catherine. When he feels sad and alone again, he writes letter and put it inside a bottle and throw it to the ocean. He let the waves wash it over hoping that the message will reach Catherine on the other life.


The story begun when Theresa found one of Garretts message in a bottle, during a trip that she took while Kevin is on his dad’s company for a vacation. Theresa can’t help but cry because she felt the sincerity to every words that Garrett written on the letter for Catherine. Theresa printed the letter to her column, but omitting the names of Garrett and Catherine for privacy. Next thing she knew, she received an urgent call from someone stating that she found a letter years ago which is similar to what she published on her column. The caller agreed to fax the copy of the letter to her office. When Theresa received and read the letter, she can’t believe that she was able to find a second letter from Garrett. After reading the second letter and felt the same passion that she had when she read the first letter, Theresa cant help but imagine what Garrett looks like in person. She then begun her search for thinking that maybe she could find some clue that can lead her to Garrett. While gathering some information on where she could find Garrett based on the information written on the letter, Theresa found Garrett’s third letter on the internet which was found by a man who also made a column about it many years ago.

What happened next is history. Theresa found Garrett. They fell in love and found happiness again. But things didn’t end up just like what they are expecting it to be. Theresa felt that Garrett is still trap with his past. And Garrett on the other hand, is in-denial about him still holding on to his lost love. Until one day, they decided to end their relationship even if they both know that they’re not sure if they can find happiness and love again.

Garrett died in an accident while he was out sailing to send out his last letter for Catherine in the sea, since he realized that he needs to move on to be completely happy with Theresa.

Theresa might have a few regrets after the tragic ending of their love story. But she knew that if Garrett was able to found love after Catherine, she knew that one day, she can find her love and happiness again.


This book really moved me. I cried and smile — then cried and smile again. Though this book didn’t have the usual happy ending story, I can say that im not disappointed on how it ends, since the message was written clearly.

Love comes when we don’t expect it, and leave us as fast as it came. Sometimes, people tend to forget the meaning of love and happiness when they heart got broken on the first try, they tend to take it as if its the end of their world. Love works miraculously in each of our lives. We may take it for granted once in a while, but we can’t still deny the fact that love is the one of the few reason why its nice to wake up every morning and be excited to what the day can offer.

Love comes to those who wait.


let me see what you think... ^_6

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