Chemistry vs. Attraction

This is the first summit book I have read, and first novel read written by a Filipino. This was just lend to me by an officemate, who’s also into reading :]

This book is quite simple but cute, and can be finish in one-sitting. I even read this one TWICE. and i really liked it! ❤


The story revolves between Julie and Anton.

With this book, Julie was referred to as “manang” several times. In Filipino language, manang might refer to a woman who’s old-fashion, conservative, or “unadventurous”. While Anton is the total opposite of Julie. Anton is the “cool-guy”, the one with the “bad-boy look”, always surrounded by women, and tend to do the opposite of what she usually do.

Julie and Anton were introduced by a common friend. They set-up a date for Julie with Anton to lighten her, since she’s too caught up by work, too serious, and most of all, she never had a boyfriend (she’s 25 i think?).

They dated for a couple of times, before they both acknowledge the “boyfriend-girlfriend” thing. At first, Julies family was hesitant towards Anton, because of his bad-boy image, but still accept him after they know him a bit. Anton visits Julies house every Sunday, with always something handy as a present for Julies mom. Anton also kinda get along really well with Julies dad, since both of them shares the same interests with cars.

The couple dated for almost 11months which both of them really enjoyed, but ended the relationship after Anton asked Julie to marry him. This happened while they were on an out-of-town vacation in Tagaytay for Julies birthday. When Julie said that she’s not sure yet if he knows Anton that much to marry him, Anton took it really bad that he dont want to be with her anymore.

As you can see on the cover of the book, there’s this girl sitting while reading a notebook. That girl is Julie.  7 months after they broke-up, she kept a notebook that includes all Antons hook-up and ex’s stories. She did that to make herself feel better, and reminds her that she did the right choice of not saying “yes” when Anton asked her to marry him. She knew that she love Anton, but she’s not sure if she’s willing to take the risk of marrying a guy that she’s not sure if real.

As per Julie, she said no because she felt like Anton is not the real Anton when he’s with her. That is because his friends always telling her that its not him that they are seeing everytime they go out together, with Julie with him. They said that it seems like they are seeing a different guy everytime they saw Anton with her. Which backed-up by Antons ex’s stories. Julie happens to meet Anton ex’s after they broke-up. Telling her the same story lines, that Anton is not the marrying-type of guy. That he would let you fall for his charm, have fun, but leave you behind after he realized that things aren’t working based on his plan.

While Julie was into this tracking thing about Anton’s pasts relationship, she started dating this guy named Harry, who’s also working in the same company she’s working at as an editor. Harry is the guy that fits Julies image — geek goodlooking simple guy. When Julie started dating Harry, she received some advice from her younger sister, who’s a lot more experienced when it comes to relationship. Her sister said that maybe dating Anton was just a test, but she will still end up marrying a guy like Harry — simple and geek looking. When Julie and her sister were younger, they used to play a game when they were in a public area, where in they tell if the couple looks good together or not, basing on their physical appearance or on how their image fits together. This got into Julies head, that she felt that maybe she will really end up being happy if she will choose to end up with a guy like Harry, a guy who’s more like her, and not with a guy like Anton — who’s complicated.

While Julies is still on the tracking part, she was invited to attend a party by a friend whom she have met while dating Anton, not knowing that Anton would be there as well. To make it short, they ended up being stuck to a small area on the house where the party is taking at, and talking about that trip they had at Tagaytay and how they ended their relationship. This time, Julie was able to explain clearly why she said no to Antons proposal. Anton then felt sad, since he said that maybe he really changed, but thats for the better. And he also said that its wrong to feel that she dont know him enough, when he tend to be the real Anton when he’s with her than to his friends. Anton then asked her to go out on a date with him again, and Anton will pretend the old Anton that his friends knew, so that she can see the difference, and she can fully decide if which is the real him.

On those times that they dated, Anton really showed him how he dated his other ex’s. Anton asked her to go to a party with him, but rarely talk to her and prefer to leave her behind and meet new people. Very far to the caring Anton that she had while they’re still together. She also learned a lot of things that Anton do and didnt do on his past dates, he dont talk about his family (which he did to her), he dont drive them home after a date or sleepover (which he always did to her), and most of all, he’s not that gentle, sweet and caring compared to those times that they were still together.

Is this the guy that she really wants? Definitely not. At the end of the day, he still chose to be with Anton. Accept his changes, and love him more. She then also accept the fact that sometimes, people really do fall in love with the total opposite of what they are looking and dreaming for.


At the end of the day, she still chose to be with Anton. Love conquers all as they said. Sometimes, people really end-up being with their exact opposite.

As an individual, we were born to judge people on how they look and how we see them PHYSICALLY. We tend to forget that there’s ALWAYS behind those image — something that not all of us can be seen, and can only be discover by those people who has the courage to try and be brave to know them better.

Love isn’t always about chemistry, but also about attraction. It’s not bad to choose to fall to someone who do things that you also usually do, but its also not bad too to fall to someone who do exactly the opposite of what you do. Sometimes, those people who tend to do the opposite, are the ones who can teach you more while both of you are on your way traveling the path to the so-called way of love ♥


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  1. thanks for the like! im just not sure if this one is available in your place 😦 but this one is a really nice catch. you’ll love this! 🙂

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