my baby LOVE ♥♥♥

i started adoring him way back in high school, after i saw his “How Come” music video (and now im 22).

from then on, i started following his path and tried really hard to know a lot of things about him; like his whereabouts.

he’s like my ultimate crush. oh no! i think im actually in love! ♥♥♥ hahaha. wanna meet him?

his name is EMINEM (My Love) ♥♥♥

i really like the fact, that despite of whatever he’d been through, he was able to make it to the top. he was known as the guy who loves to diss his wife in his songs, but loves his daughter sooo much!

i know a lot of friends who actually don’t like him, because of his songs (as if i care! =p). but its actually one of the many reasons why i like him (sooo much!). i like how he do his music, how he think, and how he put it all together with rhymes, and how people go crazy over him everytime he releases a new track.

he’s like my ULTIMATE CRUSH! im just hoping that he would care to visit the Philippines, SOON! ♥♥♥


let me see what you think... ^_6

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