beauty is ONLY skin deep

real glamour and beauty.
it’s not just about mascara, perfume, and perfect lipgloss
it’s being a role model
being beautiful inside and out
and caring more about others than you do yourself.

being beautiful is not all about being pretty and glamorous. we should always be reminded that beauty is only skin deep. a lot of girls today are tend to depend their personality on how much make up they have on their face, or depend it on how much money they spent just to have the perfect dress.

beauty of one person cannot be measure by just looking on how you apply your make-up or how you match your outfit. the outside look covers just a little part on how we measure prettiness. we should not forget that personality, wittiness, and being smart-iiish is also important (actually, more important!).

if you really want to be pretty, start working on your inside; be more sensitive, caring, and a role model. then from there, you can start working with your personality and build confidence from what you can actually do, and not depend it on how you look.

*im not saying that our looks is not important, of course it is, but again, lets should not put it as a priority.


let me see what you think... ^_6

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