will i go there too? … to HEAVEN?


I just finished reading the book of “Heaven is For Real”, written by Todd Burpo. I can’t find enough and right words to describe how I felt after reading the story.

I am myself is a Christian and a true believer of God, Jesus… and Heaven. But i will be honest to say that their are still times in my life that i doubt my own faith. I was not born and grew up as a Christian, because i was once a Roman Catholic. I can say that the way I look at life and faith changed after I known and accepted Jesus in my heart way back on October 03 of 2006. October 03 is actually my date of birth, and it is now my spiritual birth as well.

This story will tell us that the only bridge to go to heaven… is accept Jesus in our heart. Religion can’t save us. Their are lots of parts here that will truly melt your heart and will give you goosebumps! I can say that my favorite part is when Colton mentioned that he met his unborn sister in heaven.

Most of us are afraid to die, or even talk about death. We find it a very sensitive topic to discuss. But after reading this, it actually reminds me that as long as i know I have the Lord in me… i shouldn’t be afraid. Instead, i should be excited in meeting the Lord up there!



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