the UNWANTED child.



This is a story about a boy, who experienced a lot of hardship and beatings from his own mother. This is actually the first book, followed by 2 more books. “It” or “That Boy”, that’s how he was called by his own mother. Not being treated as a son, and much worst, he was treated like an animal.

At first, he was loved by his parents and he enjoyed his childhood. But for some unfortunate reason, everything changed in just a snap. He was then started to received beatings and foul words from his mother. And as day goes by, everything became worst. No food most of the days, slept everynight in their garage without anything to cover his thin and pale body from the cold, he did the household chores from morning til night, same clothes everyday for school, and a lot of beatings every now and then. What makes everything worst was that his father didn’t have the guts to stand up for him. All he can do is to give him a little food when his mother’s not looking. But despite of it, he still have that hope that one day, he and his father will leave the house, but that hope fades when his father left the whole family behind.

All those years. his mother had brainwashed him by saying that he is a bad boy, and he deserves all the beating from her. And because of starving, the poor child learned to steal food from his classmates lunchboxes. School is the only place he found his little happiness, eventhough he dont have any friends, he atleast felt safer away from the beatings of his mom.

He was then rescued after one of his teacher took interest of him, because of his visible bruises and scars. His teacher and a school nurse began examining his thin body almost everyday to check for new findings. He then learned to trust, by sharing on whats happening to him at home, though he tried hard at first to keep it a secret, because his too afraid that his mother would get mad and do more crazy stuffs to him. Until one day, the school teacher cant take it anymore and they reported it to the police. He was then taken to a foster home.


To be honest, I really didn’t enjoyed much of the book until atleast i reached the middle part of it. I find it very depressing and really disturbing, to think that their are parents out there who can do such thing to their own child. I think what made me finish the book is that, their is something on it that makes it a page turner. Maybe because i wanted to know if his mom will change or what will happen to him. I can say i might buy the second and the last book, to follow his life. I read a little part of it and learned that he was adapted by a really nice couple, and he then later enrolled to be an Army.

Despite of everything that he had been through, its still very glad to know that after all those years of being a battered child or an unwanted child, he never lose hope and faith, that someday he will be able to leave their mad house and be free.

An inspiring book indeed. Will teach you to love your life more and appreciate the beauty of having a loving family.


let me see what you think... ^_6

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