How to keep the fire burning.

“Faith is a difficult conquest, and it requires daily combat in order to be maintained.”

– from the book written by Paulo Coelho, The Valkyries.

Faith is a belief or trust in a person or thing, or to something that is not based on proof, or an intense desire or confidence in something that we believe. In one of Paulo Coelho’s book, he said that faith requires a “daily combat” in order to be maintained, a daily ritual to keep it growing and evolving.

With my own personal experience in the Christian world, I have learned that we need to do something to keep the fire burning in our hearts. As human, we need shelter to keep us from danger, we need clothes to keep us warm against the cold and protection against the sun, and we need food for our physical body to help us fit and survive. But, do we ever bother to feed our spiritual body everyday? Do we ever bother to think of something that’s missing?

We didn’t realize how important a strong faith is in our lives. We didn’t know how big help it is to help us overcome struggles and challenges in life. Problems, trials, pain, heartaches, etc. those are only few of the war we will face as day goes by, and we only need one weapon to survive this battle, and that is FAITH.

One best practice in keeping the fire burning is through prayers, our means in communicating to God. Words that we speak in our mind and sometimes even saying it aloud. We say everything we want to say; asking for forgiveness for every sins and mistakes that we have committed; saying our “thank you” for all the surprised blessings, unfailing protection and most of all, for the undeserved love that He always have for us. Talking to God is the most relax conversation that we can have. Though we may never hear His voice, but our souls can hear  it. We may never see His face, but our hearts can see it.

Another best practice in keeping the fire burning is by reading the bible. Learning how He makes those  impossible things to possible, how He works His miracles and how His glory blessed those people who have faith. By seeking God’s presence, it increases our faith and spiritual being. It helps us to boost the fire and desire to follow His will and also, that keeps our relation to Him close as ever.

We may encounter challenges in life, but we should never be shaken or afraid, instead, we should take it as a sign that we are starting to build our faith and those struggles are just some tests from God to check our limitations and see how strong our faith is.

“We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.” – Acts 14:22



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