i decided to accept it rather than walking against the flow …

I grew up without my father’s presence at home. He’s been an OFW ever since I started attending school and at that time, I’m confused why he’s not at home with us and just contented checking us out through phone and missed all those special occasions in school, at home, and on our personal lives.

While I’m growing up, I learned that he’s working far from home for us to have a better education, not that we came from an exclusive school, but at least he was able to send us all to school and was able to provides all our needs.

All my friends that I’ve met while walking in to the so-called “road of life” said that I must be a lucky girl since my father works abroad and earns a lot more than they father do. I used to believe that and enjoyed those stuffs that he sent through those big box packages.

But everything changed when I realized that I’m the only girl in class celebrating awards day without my father, making my fathers day card without the ability of handing it to him when I got home and more other stories without him with me.

It’s very confusing for me that time why he need to fly to another country just to have a decent work. Since I know that he’s very good with his skills and will do everything to finish his work on time and at the same time, with quality. I just thought that all good and skilled people can have a job here in the country without leaving their family.

And while walking in the road of life, I’ve met few people who have the same dilemma as mine. But unlike me, they view it as a reason to rebel on their families. Cutting classes and spending their allowances to stuffs that’s not really needed and shouldn’t be a priority of a student or of someone at their age.

But as years go by, I decided to just accept the fact. The fact that he might not get the job as well paid  as he have right now. That he might not able to send us all in school because the money he’ll earn is only enough to put food on our table. That he might just end-up like any other father who lost their faith in life and decided to be just a by-stander and pain in their family.

And since now that I’m grown up and experiencing how hard it is to work, I’m not unhappy nor sad, and even regretting why I felt that way. And one thing for sure right now…

“I am very proud and happy that I am his daughter and he’s my father”.



let me see what you think... ^_6

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