let’s swim and fly ♥♥♥

I really hate the idea that i don’t know how to swim.  I tried several times before to learn, but fear always comes first.  Fear of slipping into the slippery wet tiles under, fear of that friend who’s helping me learn would just leave me while my face is on the water, and of course, fear of “drowning” because again, I can’t.

I’m so amazed and thrilled everytime I saw people who’s good on that field.  I really wish that I was exposed more on the beach by my parents.

And now, I can’t apply for the job I have been dreaming ever since because of that one skill I can’t do. I just wish I have more spare time now so that I can try to learn again with a “little more” courage. hahahaha

So my “To Do List for 2012???…

1. Fix my schedule…

2. Search for a good and “cheap” swimming school

3. Apply…

4. Learn and have fun!

5. (^_^)



let me see what you think... ^_6

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