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Is City Store.PH a SCAM???

I know that SCAM seems to be the trend nowadays, especially in this digital era wherein everyone is online and everything can be bought online – which also makes our personal information a very much easy-to-access data to the eyes of the evil ones.

Anyway, so let me just vent out here since my complaint isn’t getting anywhere.

Last month (Feb), my entire family was on a vacation. No one was left at home. All of a sudden, we received a chat from one of our neighbors that they just received/accepted a Shoppee order for my mama (delivered via J&T) and that they had already paid the price (which is Php499). This seems pretty normal to them since this isn’t the first time that they received an order on my behalf. However, what I noticed immediately was that the order was addressed to my mother – who doesn’t have a Shoppee account/app of her own. And mind you, they got all of her information correctly (the address, full name, and even her cellphone number). Everything she wants to buy or order online was done on my personal Shoppee account. So we already know that it was a SCAM. Unfortunately, the Shopee rider (who is the usual delivery guy in our area) already left. Since we would be gone for days, we asked them to just open the package to see what was inside. And to our surprise (well, not really), it was just a nylon bath scrub that would only cost around P30 to P50 online. So it was indeed a scam.

After we arrived and settled at home, I sent an email to DTI regarding my concern. Just to give you an overview as well, I was able to get a refund thrice after a failed online order via Shopee through them. So if you have issues with any item you purchased; either via a physical store, online, or website, you can reach out to DTI if the store isn’t cooperating with your refund or change of item request. Unfortunately, since this was a scam, DTI advised me that I have to coordinate this issue with the police.

I also tried sending an email to J&T since the Tracking Number on the waybill is authentic based on their tracking website and I felt like they should be the one to assist me regarding this matter. However, after a month of following up, I was not able to get any assistance from them. The stories I’ve heard being them as the usual courier of scam deliveries aren’t helping.

Anyway, I don’t want to be stressed anymore so I’m resting this case. I hope this won’t happen to you too.

Happy shopping!

P.S. I also tried searching for the store name in Shopee but it seems a different one, because the warehouse is located in China and our item just came within PH. To be specific, the waybill says that it’s from a City Store PH located in Celina Plains Subd. in Santa Rosa Laguna.

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2019 National Book Binge Bazaar

NBS BB.jpg

This is probably the best book bazaar for me! I’ve been waiting for National Bookstore’s announcement regarding their 2019 Book Binge Bazaar. I was actually worried that they won’t do it anymore since they just had a big Warehouse Sale which I wasn’t able to go to since it’s too far from where I live and/or work.

If you weren’t able to join last year’s first NBS Book Binge Bazaar, you probably don’t have any idea why it is sooo special than any other book sale.

Compared to other book sale, NBS Book Binge is somehow more enjoyable and easier for book hoarders like me (hahaha). The books price are fixed between P75 (paperback), P175 & P275 (hardbound) – thus, making it easier for everyone to compute and budget their money. I specifically hate when I have to compute or less the discount on my own since Math was never a friend of mine (sorry not sorry).

Also, NBS Book Binge offers a Preview Sale on their first day for Laking National Card holders only. I got mine on the Preview day itself, however, I wouldn’t recommend it since you have to fill out a form first and would have to wait for the card to be made – not to mention that the line could get too long. I suggest to get your NBS loyalty card at any NBS branch before the Preview day. If I’m not mistaken, I got it for only P100 pesos and it’s valid for three years. You can check the full Laking National Card benefits through this link.

Anyway, I can’t wait for May 1st! See you there!

NBS BB 2.jpg
from my 2018 NBS Book Binge ♥

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Post #1: We Were Bought With His Blood

Our tears don’t go unseen or fall to the ground.

He sees every heartbreak and grimace and frown.

God gets no joy from our pain, He doesn’t celebrate hurt.

We’re not abandoned in suffering; He is not deferred.

Because we are His children and He loves us so much.

He longs for us all to know love’s gentle touch.

He doesn’t shout at our weakness or mock our small frame.

In fact, He loves us so much He’s called us by name.

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The Art & Soil ♥

I haven’t been to my blog for awhile. Usually, I just come here to see and read new posts from people I follow but failed to find reason for me to write one for my own. However, I realized that I actually want to share one of my happy pills this year.

For those who don’t know, I finished my Masters Degree in Business Ad. last December 2016. Before, my goal is to just get a degree so I can teach part-time (since I’m still with a corporate office in Makati), but when I started teaching at one of the universities in Quezon City, handling Entrepreneur students, it made me realize that I actually want to have my own business too someday. So when I decided to take a step back from teaching this year (because of stress. Hahaha), I started planning on how I can fulfill my dream to be an entrepreneur 🙂


My love for succulents started January of this year when I visited my grandchild somewhere in Tayuman, Manila, so I can give him his Christmas present. While on my way to their home, I came across this street vendor who’s selling cute succulents in ceramic pots. Since we just moved in to our new home that time, me and my mom were really looking for real plants to add elements to the house – and so I ended up buying four pots from them.

And then after a few weeks, I told my friend that I might drop by again soon as I want to buy plants again. But she told me that they haven’t seen the plant vendor for days. So I ended up going to the mall instead to look for new plants, but I didn’t see any real plants for sale and I don’t know any garden-themed store near our house either. And since that was the time that I was really looking for a business theme, I decided to try succulents.

So come February, I started contacting random people in Facebook who are selling bulk succulents. And guess what, no one bothered to reply. Hahaha. And since I got busy with my full-time work that time, I let it go and forgot the business that I was aiming for.

However, God is really good 🙂 An old friend of mine contacted me and asked if I wanted to start my own business. Without her knowing my previous try with succulents, she told me that she’s looking for succulent resellers from Manila since she lives in Pangasinan with her family. I was sooo happy and thrilled! I immediately agreed to meet her. And that, everyone, how The Art & Soil started.

So here it is. Let me introduce you to my baby, The Art & Soil. It took me awhile before I landed with this business name and I think I changed five times before I settled with this one ;p

34904519_502010676881155_702094554370670592_n (1).jpg

Since June this year, this has been one of my therapeutic activities at home – to repot plants and post it in my IG & FB stores. I was also already invited to join a bazaar last August at the Ayala Mall Feliz in Antipolo.


…and just recently partnered with Kreatibhub Cafe – the first ever concept store with a coffee shop also in Antipolo ♥


Also, since I love kikay stuff such as accessories, I decided to put in a little girly effect as well by adding these cute earrings to our collection ♥


So anyway, if you’re looking for Benguet Succulents and Chic Earrings, feel free to visit and follow us in Instagram, @theartandsoil ♥

Have a grateful weekend ahead, guys!



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2 Years Hiatus

I don’t really know what happened and for some reason I forgot about this blog.

To be honest, 2018 has been hard for me and I really can’t wait for my new year to begin. So much things happened this year.

I’m so ready to move on.

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Pinto Art Museum ♥


I’ve been dying to visit this place for ages but I just really don’t have the time to do so. Until, one of my food/travel buddy texted me at eight in the morning on a Saturday asking me if I can join her to visit the place. So this is what I’m just waiting. Hahaha! ♥

So we met at Cubao at around 3pm and we were so worried that we won’t have much time exploring the place as it is only open until 6PM, but good thing that our ride didn’t take much long…ooops wait! actually it did! hahaha. The FX ride from Cubao to Antipolo was longer than what we have expected, but still, we’ve got enough time (about over an hour) to explore the place .


So we paid the entrance fee, and since I’m currently taking up my MBA and I happened to have my ID that day, I was able to avail the 100pesos entrance fee for student! Yay!


If you’ve been to BenCab Museum in Baguio, the feel is quite the same but this place for me is much better, brighter, and bigger. You’ll understand once you’ve seen both places. Hehe.


The overall ambiance has a touch of “Santorini“, which makes the surrounding just looks so peaceful and inviting! There are lots of chairs and couches spread throughout the area where you can rest and just relax and enjoy the beauty of the place 🙂

One of the advantage of Pinto Art Museum is that the place is sooo big that you can enjoy each of the paintings without having to worry about blocking the view of other people. There were even times that we got to enjoy one viewing room for ourselves. And since the place is big enough and have lots of viewing rooms to offer, you have the option to avoid crowded rooms during peak time.

And so here are some of the arts you’ll came across when exploring PAM.

I really regretted that I didn’t wear dress or skirt when we went here because this place is really the best place to take lots of OOTDs **hahaha!**,

but since the invitation somewhat surprised me – I forgot about it and only realized my mistake when I was on my way already. Huhuhu **so sad**

With yours truly *char!* hahaha!

And if you’re going to ask me what’s my favorite room @ PAM, it would definitely be this green room that we almost miss! Good thing that our curiosity won and we entered the room that was mostly ignored by visitors.

Make sure to watch out for this as you might miss this “quiet green room” while exploring the area. Sorry that I forgot on what part of the area is this, but if you can’t find it, just ask the bantays that are roaming around on where is the quiet room with the bamboo organs. I’m pretty sure that they’ll be happy to accompany you to that room 🙂

 Although the idea is definitely amazing and one of a kind… the place really scared me at first as it is too dark for my taste. Hahaha.

Once you got in, I’m daring you to look up so you’ll understand what I’m talking about ;p


After exploring all the rooms with exhibits, me and my friend just explored and enjoy the garden and the entire serenity of the place.

PAM is definitely a nice place to just chill out ♥


And here’s a super easy way on how to go to Pinto Art Museum:

  • Ride an FX going to Antipolo Terminal from Cubao (only way I know ). The FX terminal in Cubao is under the MRT Cubao North bound station, besides McDonalds. The fare is 50 pesos and the ride would take at least 45 minutes – 1 hour.
  • From Antipolo FX terminal, just ride a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to Pinto Art Museum, which is located inside a village. The fare is less than 50 pesos/person and the ride is just 10-15 minutes.


After spending our afternoon at PAM, we left the place at past 6pm and we decided to head straight to Cloud 9 Restaurant, which is just one of the many overlooking restaurants in Antipolo. The place is really nice and affordable, plus they have really generous servings too!

I suggest to come here before 5pm, as this place is really an awesome spot to watch the sunset… not to mention that it would be a bit hard to get a table besides the railings, where you can sit and have the best view of Antipolo – especially at night 🙂

That Saturday was definitely well spent and I wouldn’t mind coming back to that place… and I’ll make sure to wear the prettiest dress I have when I get back! Hahaha!


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Beach Resorts in Morong, Bataan

So I was busy looking for a cheap and family oriented beach resort in Bataan and a friend of mine suggested to try to look somewhere in Morong, as they have a lot of resorts on the area plus the beach are quite nice too.

And since I came up with a few… why not share it here too 🙂

Pamart Bali Beach Resort

  • Lot 3, Nagpajo Crossing, Brgy. Nagbalayong Morong Bataan  (1hr 30mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 3500 – 5000 (good up to 5 persons)
  • Contact Number: (047) 255 1928

Coral View

  • Poblacion Morong Bataan (1hr 25mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 3700 (2pax) – 19,000 (10pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0912-823-4779


The Waterfront Beach Resort


Juness Beach Resort

  • Nagbalayong, Morong Bataan (1hr 26mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 2200 (4pax) – 8000 (16pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 09332-855-5831


Benisa Beach Resort

  • Crossing Morong Bataan (1hr 26mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 3000 – 3500 (good for 4 persons)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0927-499-4878


Bonito Beach Resort

  • Poblacion Panibuhatan Morong Bataan (1hr 24mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 5000 (4pax) – 8500 (12pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0915-316-7635


Coastal Escape Resort

  • Lot 9, Block 1, Barangay Panibatuhan, Morong, Bataan (1hr 28mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 2500 (good for 5 persons)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0908-757-4088


Alpina Beach Resort

  • Gov. J.J. Linao National Rd, Morong, 2108 Bataan (1hr 25mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 4000 (4pax) – 15000 (14-20pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0917-511-4124



La Primera Playa Beach Resort

  • Brgy. Panibatuhan, Nagbalayong Morong Bataan (1hr 27mins from SCTEX)
  • Room nightly rate ranges to Php 2500 (2pax) – 12000 (20pax)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 0917-916-0468

Book your reservations now!


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Bittersweet: the last fruit of the family

Here’s his post earlier in Facebook


I didn’t expect it from him so I am sharing his post in Facebook earlier. My youngest brother will be graduating this Saturday (April 30th) and we’re just so excited and overwhelm not only because we will have a new engineer in the family, but also because he’s the youngest of the three of us. And now, our father who’s been working as an OFW for the last 16 years can finally retire.

Growing up without having a father at home is just plain difficult. Although our mother has been a great mother&father figure at home, it’s just sad because our father wasn’t able to join us in a lot of special moments in our life; like birthdays, school recognitions, Christmas & New Year, and even graduation.

Life has been really hard growing up, but thanks to God that He gave us such an amazing parents that really did a good job in raising the three of us.

In two days time, our youngest brother will not just be “bunso” anymore…

but Engr. Jul Jon General. 

Kudos to you brother!

P.S. For the first time, our father will be able to attend a graduation. He arrived last month and was given a 45days leave by his company. On May 6th, we will accompany him again to NAIA Terminal II for the last time… because that will be the last time that he had to leave us for work. When he comes home next year December, it will be for good. 

Bittersweet ♥