Post #1: We Were Bought With His Blood

Our tears don't go unseen or fall to the ground. He sees every heartbreak and grimace and frown. God gets no joy from our pain, He doesn't celebrate hurt. We're not abandoned in suffering; He is not deferred. Because we are His children and He loves us so much. He longs for us all to … Continue reading Post #1: We Were Bought With His Blood


The Art & Soil ♥

I haven't been to my blog for awhile. Usually, I just come here to see and read new posts from people I follow but failed to find reason for me to write one for my own. However, I realized that I actually want to share one of my happy pills this year. For those who … Continue reading The Art & Soil ♥

2 Years Hiatus

I don't really know what happened and for some reason I forgot about this blog. To be honest, 2018 has been hard for me and I really can't wait for my new year to begin. So much things happened this year. I'm so ready to move on.